friday fun - well kind-of

this has been running through my head for about a week now and i need to get it out

so here goes

the people in power right now - the majority of them suck

the people in power - have power because they have money

power is money

so if we take away their power - their money then we.....

see, this is where i was stumpted...huh, how to take away their power???

and then i figgered it out

we stop using their form of money

read this article about local currency and tell me what you think...


Anonymous said...

AZ, your Local Currency link made me wonder why so many local credit unions were so anxious to achieve federal banking status some yrs ago. seems to me they had a good idea (lending local money to local people, investing local people's money in local businesses), that somehow got perverted during the S&L debacle.

I don't like "company scrip", at least as it has been usually practiced to price gouge captive consumers. Remember that song "I owe my soul to the company store"?

However, I very much liked: "opponents argue that local currency...can a means of tax evasion." OK! Now we're talking.

I also liked the way you thought it through, trying to find some way to take away their power. Good critical thinking! D.K.

M.D. said...

They've tried this in my neck of the woods in Northern California. It looks to be pretty small scale, but it's ongoing and working!

enigma4ever said...

really interesting..thanks AZ...yup..take away their money...( whelp I think they might ahve lost alot of OUR money over in the Sand- but I guess that is another tale...)

glenda said...

Great idea. Another thing I am in line with is an underground currency, a system of local bartering. Used it to get through college.

We cannot legally take these people's money from them, because then we would be exactly what we hate in them...fascists! But we could get rid of the tax loopholes, same thing. We could impose a substantial inheritance tax on everything over, say, 100 million dollars, so the mega rich do not gain so much inherited power.

azgoddess said...

thanks for you kind words DK - i so want this over with - even to see the beginning of some process would be great!

WOW MD - great web site...hope it survives...BIG BRO can be...well you-all know

enigma4ever - yes, lots of money in the sand that seems to have shifted back into american corps...sigh

glenda - i totally love craigslist..and the new one my daughter showed me -- freecycle...ours is a yahoo group - check it out!!

Dave B, a transformer in a world of gobots said...

This reminds me of Emperor Norton I, the first and only Emperor of the United States. He made his own currency too.