to impeach or not to impeach

that's the question -- that's been running through my head...

now, i know all the left-wingers are shouting it from the roof tops but i'm not getting warm fuzzies from this (my way of saying my gut feeling is that we should not do this)

so i'll try to explain

see, i hate when history repeats itself (vietnam - iraq)

and now i get the feeling that it will again (nixon - baby bush)

tricky dick (nixon's nickname for those of you that don't know) resigned before we could get to him...impeachement i mean

now we are asking for baby bush to be impeached for pretty much the same reasons..illegal wiretapping

but um, what happens if he resigns before the courts get a chance him too? and are we really better off with his vp - another tricky dick? who will their 'puppet' be if cheney resigns also - does anyone know??? is anyone asking??

see here's what i think

just let the ACLU sue them - but sue everyone, all of the big players who have stolen every dime we hard-working americans have earned - sue daddy and baby bush, cheney, karl rove...etc etc etc

the list just goes on and on -- sue all the people who've had their hand in our money for the past - let's just say um, 50 years. including corporations - cuz, hey, they are people entities now

see, money is power - so take away their power

then put all that money back into our government and get the lobbyists out!

then we can take care of people right

free - child care, lunch programs, health care including bloated prescriptions, senior care, college educations for people who want them not just the rich, low income housing that does not suck and is not crime ridden

subsidized - organic farm land, eco-friendly energy and transportation, local markets, artists and writers, newspapers so we get the real news

- and if i missed anything (which i am sure i did) please feel free to add

i bet we could do all that and more and still have money left over for..well, you can choose that

now that gives me warm fuzzies...

oh here's are some scary pictures - web page titled your government -- what a joke!


eProf2 said...

Here's the answer to one of your questions: The Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, R, IL, is the next in line after the VP. The ol' wrestling coach!

Anonymous said...

that's why Molly Ivins wrote "impeach Cheney first". But yeah, then we get Denny .... unless there's a new Speaker of the House after November (hope, hope). Still, I think the purpose of the House starting Impeachment Proceedings is to uncover & catalog impeachable offences. Bring the unspeakable crap out for all to see & digest. That's what was done to Clinton. Oh & wasn't it Tom DeLay standing up & braying about how no good can come of a phone call to a single woman at 2AM? Wonder who Bush calls in the wee hrs ... see, lots to learn just by starting impeachment proceedings! D.K.

Andrew said...

Sorry I can't contribute much to your political topic. Where I come from they call them Liberals and Conservatives.

Thanks again for dropping by my place :o)


azgoddess said...

eprof2 - thanks for the clarification

DK - i still think we need to sue their asses...for mis-management of public funds at the very least...

oh and i heard thru the grape vine that baby bush calls condi...

andrew - what can i say...i am just so fed up, this is my way of releasing

Anonymous said...
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Peacechick Mary said...

Hi there. I believe the plan is to impeach Bush with an impeachment plan for Cheney right behind it - like train cars. With Cheney's popularity - lower than 18%, I don't think he'd last long and it would be fun to send him packing. In fact, we can have as many impeachments as it takes - there's no limit.