mother nature

some believe that mother nature is a real force in our universe

so do you think she has been trying to shake us up a bit?

i know that i'm guilty of thinking only of the weather hitting close to home


my eyes are opened now...millions of people were evacuated in China while they get hit with one storm after another - due to the high heat in Europe (looks like we are not the only ones sweltering)

and last but not least - the complete picture for you - just click on any month to find out what weather problems mother nature is causing for us

or better worded

what problems we have caused to make mother nature want us off her

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Self Muser said...

She's given us the freedom to use her land for life. We've built homes for shelter, businesses for prosperity, shopping centers for our needs, and yet the sillyness of us human beings thinks nothing of mother nature's generosity. We take advantage of her. We build things we don't need and destroy the things we do. We damage her land and the beautiful lives she's nurtured. I'm not surprised she hasn't done worse.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not expecting a sudden end to all. I'm just not surprised as to why some of nature's turn for the worse have come about.