i've been reading my sidebar blogs

and consider these people my friends..

and i've been feeling a trend among my friends

the feeling is that this election in Nov will be stolen, once again



i know you-all look back and see/remember the disappointment when Kerry

well, since he honestly didn't lose

i'd say he gave up and mostly likely was paid to do so


my friends - a millionaire is not honest with non-millionaires

they have a good-old-boys millionaire club in washington

and i've always felt Kerry was a get us to focus and hope

and have our hopes dashed

so let's take off our rose colored glasses

focus locally and get people elected, one person at a time

honest people - hard-working people like us


and now for something completely different : Beyond Delay



M. Shahin said...

"the feeling is that this election in Nov will be stolen, once again"

I'm having this feeling also. I think Bush never honestly won any election; he stole both of them.

There is no way that Kerry lost especially when people who had never voted before actually went out to vote because they wanted Bush ousted.

I think Kerry was also paid to keep quiet. Money buys quite a bit including principles these days.

But like you said, we must not give up hope. We must work to see the change we want to see.

I think the greatest way to do a protest this time around, if the elections are stolen again, because so far holding up signs and marching isn't having much of an effect, is for everyone not to show up for work for one day.

I'm just talking about one day, and no more. And I don't think it would have to be everyone. I think a million or two would definitely do it this time around.

There are probably better ideas than this one out there. I see that we need to protest in a different way because the government doesn't appear to be paying attention anymore. We have to get serious, and money is the fastest way to send a message to this consumer society.

Thanks for the 20 most corrupt link. That was great :-)

BBC said...

Yeah, that is spooky isn't it? The Christians are very good at those things. If they can't do it with brainwashing they will do whatever it takes.

John Good said...

If that shit comes down again this time, I have another two words for you: military coup.

SheaNC said...

I, too, have that sick feeling in my gut that the next election(s) will be stolen. I hope I am wrong. I really hope I am wrong!

enigma4ever said...

Sigh...yup..that worry is real...and after 2000, and 2004 ..geez. no wonder...BUT....
I agree with MrGood...COUP ....

( let's be inspired by Thailand...Bloodless Coup..
and let's remember the Ukraine- PEOPLE"S COUP...

Brian said...

Demand change and organize voters. Those are the keys. Report any irregularities at voting precincts and if things get the least bit fishy, stir shit up. Nobody ever accomplished anything by keeping quiet.