the problem with being smart

ok, went to the doc yesterday

and boy, was this drug-pushing peddler surprised

as i don't take any medications

just herbs and vitamins

he actually told me that i was unusual

which got me thinking

that the majority of the american population have bought into

the drug companies, making them richer

and people sicker/dead and for sure poorer

what the hell ever happened to the : Hippocratic Oath????

it reads 'do no harm' - not push whatever pills the drug companies want to sell this week

and as i was driving home...i thought

maybe, my problem is that i'm not stupid

cuz if i was dumber, i'd go home

turn on the tv

watch all those commercials - which is what tv is really all about

not the stupid filler shows

and do what they tell me to do - like a fucking robot or something

they say, if you have these symptoms - talk to your doc about prescribing this drug


i thought it was the docs who decided what symptoms you have and what disease they are tied to???

that's why they spend millions of dollars and lots of years to get educated

to be the smart ones when it comes to our health


i'm too smart for our government

as i think independently for myself and don't watch/listen to tv commercials

and that's why i'm sad/upset/angry

as i CAN see what' s happening around me...just like you


and now for something completely different : freepress



M. Shahin said...

"and boy, was this drug-pushing peddler surprised"

Great way to describe them azgoddess :-) I feel the same way. There are pushing all kinds of drugs on us to make money. I don't trust much of the drugs out there, and I stick with vitamins and herbs too. I'm also totatlly against the cancer treatments like radition and chemotherapy and I think pumping metal in the body is the fastest way to die.


i'm too smart for our government"

I think you are azgoddess :-) and as Bush said only he is allowed to think.

Great post once again. I enjoyed reading it :-)

azgoddess said...


maybe cuz i'm feeling so much better now - that peroxide in my ear really helped - things got clearer for me..and i got madder and madder

thanks for stopping by m.shahin

Anonymous said...

Our medical system has become a way for doctor to sell drugs for big companies. Once you start down that road, you need even more drugs to respond to side effects from other drugs, and on, and on.

Our health system needs to change, the doctors profit more if we're sick, when they are supposed to be keeping us healthy. There is no incentive to doctors if we're healthy, so they prescribe unneeded drugs and unneeded surgical procedures to increase their incomes. Doesn't make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

and don't get me started with the wasteland of tv. Yes I have on, so I can see movies, watch the weather, news and documentories. "Nova" has always been a favorite series. 99% of whats on the TV is crap.

Anonymous said...

hi az! I thought your ear must not have been getting any better, hence the doc. So, good to hEAR you're feeling better. (and i had been thinking peroxide was anna nicole's cure)

I get the same weird looks from my doc in that I refuse to treat menopause with Rx hormones. though I gotta admit, there are days when the quick fix of a daily pill sounds mighty attractive. aaah, but then i remember the side effects ...

good thought RE: "first do no harm" ... not just for health professionals, we should apply this maxim to all aspects of life! ~~ D.K.

BBC said...

It's a mixed bag Hon. I never take anything but vitamin pills and aspirin, when I think of it. But if something serious is wrong with a person they should damn sure better get to a doctor. A lot of people do take a lot of pills, they want to live longer, and it does often help them do that. I really don’t see the point in living until I’m shitting in a diaper again. But, we are omnipresent, so we just get rid of the old body and pick up a new one. And then they teach us a lot of stupid things again. Isn’t this a stupid frigging planet?

Maybe what you need in your ear is a "Baaaa" LOL

BBC said...

Hey Hon, sometimes you just have to say, "Don't worry, be happy."

In other words... Fuck it. :-)

PTCruiser said...

You got me thinking about how I'm going to visit my doctor today.

I had high blood pressure and then he prescribed some pill for it and "poof", blood pressure came right back down to normal. I've never taken any medication on a regular basis before, but you've got me thinking now. I don't like the idea of being dependent on a pill to keep my blood pressure in check, but I don't like the other option, either.

Well, maybe he'll tell me today that I don't have to take them any more. We'll see.

glorydee said...

so is there a med for emotional stress? that, i might be willing to buy into every so often.

but can i say i'm thankful for this pimple cream and decongestants? they help me a lot heehee! hard to be running around with so much air in your ears... take care :)

BBC said...

glorydee... Sure there is, but mostly you just have to work through it. Only time heals some things.

Minou said...

I've never trusted doctors, and my experience has taught me that I know more about my own body than someone else, although my daughter has qualified as a doctor, I hope she applies just as much common sense as anything else when treating people. Drug companies do their damnedest to bribe and cajole doctors these days.

Free press? Depends on the editor, the Rupert Murdochs of this world run the world, they have all the movers and shakers in their pockets.

I only buy newspapers now to read the fiction and be entertained! The truth is out there somewhere, but who the hell is going to tell it?

Susan said...

Where does that drug-pushing peddler think some of the drugs he pushes came from originally? From nature.

Medicine can certainly be a life saver but it shouldn't be the first line of defense whenever an ailment crops up.

Great post.