fun friday

i do believe that we need to concentrate our energies

into the positive

in order to get out of this fear-based mindset

that baby bush and compadres want us to be in

but how exactly does one create 'positive energies'?

well, i googled

and there were people who will sell you the key


i've got to believe it's more simple that that

how about -- i think, therefore i am??

so, one can think positively and then create positive energies

but how can one do that??

when fear surrounds them?

well, i found a positive energy theorem

and the way i see it

if we utilize this theorem

we can dump baby bush and company

into a black hole


i could positively think of that!!


and now for something completely different: better world club



Andrew said...

clap clap clap clap clap!

I find it incredible that so many people have allowed themselves to be consumed by fear over the actions of so few, and that the Bush administration has done everything in their power to promote the fear. (I couldn't believe it the other night on TV when he actually had the gall to use the phrase "If Iraq had WMD, then they would..."

I'm with you. We would be better off thinking positively rather than quaking in fear.

Have a great weekend!

BBC said...

I'm resigned to putting up with him for two more years, unless he dies. But I don't think that will improve anything either. Sigh.

M. Shahin said...

"if we utilize this theorem

we can dump baby bush and company

into a black hole"

Great azgoddess! So eloquent and so needed :-)

Now that definitely brings on a positive energy vibe. Thanks for that theorem link. I had never heard of that before, so I learned something new today.

Anonymous said...

i'd sure like to dump them into a black hole. but most days it feels to me like they ARE the black hole, trying to suck US all down in there with them. if we allow ourselves to keep swirling around the edges, soon no escape will be possible. where's a handy comet when you need one? or ... are you thinking maybe we are our own comets? (ps, remember that old commercial "calgon, take me away!" ?!?) ~~ D.K.

Jamie said...

After six decades, I've learned that the secret to staying serene is a very simple one ... Don't take on trouble that doesn't exist.

Just ask yourself if what is worrying you at any given minute will still be important a year from now. 99% of the time from spilled milk to a dent in your fender the answer is NO. If you eliminate most of the crises, then you have time for the other things that really need to be handled or changed.

P.S. for all those Crawfordlisters who are shut out because of Beta, I'm providing a temporary refuge Durward Discussion. You are more than welcome until fearless leader is able to return. :-)

Donnie McDaniel said...

Yes!! got to think positive. We the people have to take back this country and give it the purging it so needs. We cannot afford to lose focus because of the hype. It is hard to keep the anger in check sometimes though.

thepoetryman said...

Stedman Graham was on Larry King Live the other day and he has a knew book "You can Make it Happen"... "In the 21st century your talent and skills above all else will define your value. In Diversity: Leaders Not Labels, Graham shows you how to break out of the box that keeps you from growing to your full potential, and reveals that success is truly based on results, performance, and excellence." This excerpt doesn't quite do it justice, at least not from what I heard him speak of on Larry King. I will get this book and see... Your post reminded me of the interview. Hope you feel it's relative.