why we fight

this was the name of a documentary that i watched this weekend...

it was a hard one for me, as i dislike violence

but i made it thru

and in the end, i was so sad

as it's obvious that just changing characters in this next congress/election

will not change the military industrial complex

or another word for it would be Permanent war economy

until we can change how our people make their money

we will not be able to change our need for war

are we really that much like Rome? and will we fall just as hard?


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Anonymous said...

hi azgoddess,

Yeah this crap keeps going on, killing for the good of the U.S. economy, its evil.

You should see badtux's post today.

Anonymous said...


azgoddess said...

thanks nick - i stopped over that and left a comment...very interesting thread!!

i need to go back and

BBC said...

Yup, we need something completly different. I'm working on that, it just looks like a strange way to you. Or another planet we can go to where they don't know where we are.

Anonymous said...

Please come visit me and read my Sunday editorials...you might agree with what I say.

Kvatch said...

War and incarceration...the cornerstones of our economy.

BBC said...

"Are we really that much like Rome?"

Yup, they just moved here, and we have to live with them.

Kristen..... Is pretty.

M. Shahin said...

"are we really that much like Rome? and will we fall just as hard?"

You know I've been wanting to say the same thing, but I thought it might be hard for some, and I think it is.

We are following in the same path of Rome. In history, our country is in the same pattern. Arrogance and greed always preceded the fall of great empires: Rome, Ottoman, etc.

It is almost like a law of science. What goes up must come down eventually, and that fall is only because when people reach the heights they become greedy and oppressive to others.

It is sad to see the country going down this destructive path, and hardly anyone doing anything to stop it.

Well, at least a few of us can see that, and that is one of the great things I have found on blogs: people like you who are awake to what is going on.

Peacechick Mary said...

Hi AZ. We do have laws agains war profiteering, but for now, no one to invoke them. If we do get some real humans in congress, we can pressure them for that to happen.

azgoddess said...

kristen = i do like what you had to say however

it's hard to take you seriously when you flash 'sex' all over your blog...

kvatch - said so simply and yet so veyr very true!!! now what can we do about eliminating both of them?

m shahin - then say it - we are just like rome and we're gonna flall rell hard on our asses...and it might be real soon

peacechick - thanks for the comment - true we have laws - however i'm wanting to abandond all the war factories in the US...you know they are the only thing that didn't seem to get outsourced...humm, do you think eventually everyone will be working for 'war'???

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing movie. A real eye opener for my husband as well (he is much more likley than I to believe the best until proven otherwise).

p/s: I noticed we comment on many of the same blogs and thought I'd come over and say Hi!