heat, hot, blistering, sweltering.....

i know

it's supposed to cool down already

i talked to a tech person on the phone the other day
and they said there was already
snow in the mountains in Iowa

but here it's almost a hundred degrees...

and it will cool down to the mid
80's next week

so why the talk about the heat??

i was observing in people's blogs::

how mad they get when baby bush says something stupid

how mad they get when stupid bills are passed

how mad they get when baby bushes 'friends' say stupid things

how mad they get at the media for spreading clinton lies

how mad they get....

and i wanna ask - why get mad?

why not get even?


and now for something completely different: maps



BBC said...

It is still very warm days up here also. And it will just keep warmer as the years go on.

But stay as cool as you can hun. Sing happy songs and do happy dances.

Peacechick Mary said...

Snow in Iowa? Mountains in Iowa? Nah, can't be. Maybe Idaho. Anyway, you are right - getting even will be fun, just so we can get things back in a sane balance. It's HOT here, for sure.

azgoddess said...

yes bbc - happy happy songs

and peacechick - i stand corrected...my excuse is, i still have this darn ear infection -- it's been moving from one ear to the next...i have a call into the doc...for those antibiotic drops for the ears...

i hate prescription drugs but - sigh..sometimes ya need um

BBC said...

I didn't pick this journey Az. It picked me. I was happy being an idiot. It's been hard on me, but it's been pretty interesting in some ways.

I wish I was enjoying my retirement, but fixing the problems on this planet is more important than one bodys pleasure. Hugs.

BBC said...

Oh, and thank you for YOUR contributions. They have been important in getting to a solution.

SheaNC said...

Would you believe I lived in Phoenix for ten years and I never owned a car that had air conditioning!? Most of that time it was an old VW Bus. I'm sure you know the rule: Anyone driving through Phoenix in the summertime with their window down has automatic right-of-way! Grrr! Vroom! 8^)

glorydee said...

well right here and now, there've been storms... but i feel 'warmer' than i did last week :)

true, getting even seems better than getting mad. wonder what we around here could do to get AS RICH AS the people spending the taxes we pay. or to get even with a colleague, who is still bullying people around where i used to work.

take care

M. Shahin said...

It has been quite warm where I live too, but not like the heat in Arizona. Wow...that is really hot.

The whole world is going through global warming. Ice is melting to such a degree that ships had no problems with icebergs this year. Nice for the captains and all but not a good sign for our planet.

Yes, like bbc said it looks like there will be no rest for anyone because we have a lot of work to do.

shadow falcon said...

I'm so glad I don't live in a land ruled by Bush the elder and his stupid son Shrub. Just be consoled by the fact he can't stay in office forever...

Anonymous said...

We are having an unusual stretch of cool weather, a nice break for southern Alabama. Great for running.

I was kind of wondering about the mountains in Iowa, but you've already cleared that up.

shadow falcon - you're right, but it sure seems like forever.

Anonymous said...

Laughing with you.......

The highest point in Iowa:


Hope the ear infection is soon gone.

Anonymous said...

The URL was incomplete. So here it is again.


Robert Rouse said...

Let's see, the high today in Fort Wayne, IN is a "balmy" 57 degrees, yet I am still hot under the collar knowing - although I always suspected - that Bush sent our troops into harms way knowing it would make the world more dangerous. I'll be writing more about this today over at Left of Centrist.

I do love Arizona though. I remember the first time I flew into Phoenix in the middle of August and the gush of hot air I felt as soon as the door to the plane opened. WOW!