separation of church and

yes, what was that saying??

oh yea, separation of church and state

well, i've been thinking about another kind of separation

the separation of religions

and i think we are in need of a bit of separation anxiety

yes, you read that right...

now, i know it seems like what's been going on IS anxiety

what i'm talking about is not the anxiety of watching over your shoulder

at what the other religions are doing
or could do

i'm talking about the anxiety of missing the other religion

like twins get when they are separated...

because, believe it or not

all religions are so similar, they could be twins

not necessarily identical twins but twins none-the-less

i just think if we could relieve the major religions' separation anxieties

then we would be that much closer to relieving

this world's anxiety problems...


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BBC said...

They are just different tribes of monkeys causing problems with their religions.

But, we shouldn't separate spirit (soul) and state. But when the Roman's moved here that is just what they did.

I will explain it better on my blog soon. Hugs.

M. Shahin said...

All religions come from the same source and have many things in common. I'm glad you brought that up azgoddess.

What we are in need of in the world today is finding common ground among all peoples, religions and races. No matter what we believe or what viewpoints we have, we are all brothers and sisters, all human beings, and that alone should bond us together.

Of course, that is a goal that has been expressed countless times, but you never know what the future holds and I think people are beginning to realize this, but now the work follows.

Anonymous said...

Most people congregate, it is a instinct. These congregation usually form groups of people with similar thinking that "beleive" their thinking is superior to the other groups. We start judging people by the groups they belong. Bigotry then begins. Welcome to religion.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse all the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. I hadn't hooked up the coffee IV yet.

pissed off patricia said...

Nick, you nailed it perfectly.

That's why I stay away from religion and instead lead a decent life. It's easier and healthier that way.

Anonymous said...

Have you read "the Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell? Highly recommended!!

I agree with M. Shanin in that all religions have much more in common than differences. If only we could respect and value those small differences.

Extremists in ANY religion scare me.