safe financial investments

try googling the title above

and what do you see?? only two goggle pages of sites


you'd think everyone and their brother would be wanting to give us their most profound investment advice

as our society is one of buy, buy, buy

but wait, i wanted to tell you why i was googling this particular subject today

the neighborhood i live in is filled with retirees and over half of them are only here during the wonderful winter months..they fly away when the temps start climbing in the hundreds

so we call them winter visitors and my across-the-street neighbor is one of these

and she asked me to pick up her mail and look after her house while she was at the cape

so i said - sure - she's just across the street

well, she decided to stay longer at the cape - seems they bought a boat and are having too much fun...which i think is a good thing - very few people have fun now-a-days

but before she left, she bought a new car - hybrid - prius

and the battery has to be charged every two months...and she would not be back in time

so you guessed it, she asked me to drive her car and charge the battery

which i did last night

and picked the longest stretch of highway around this rural town i love in

now this car is certainly a horse of a different yesterday i spent time googling how to drive it...geeze, when i first tried i couldn't even find the ignition (people with hybrids will enjoy that one)

so back to driving - i'm going along and i know this road like the back of my hand

and towards the end i pass an investment office which has a huge electric sign which tells everyone what the market closed at

and it was +45 yesterday

so i'm thinking - humm, the last year or so, it's been in the red -- why now it has suddenly perked up?

light bulb moment - the primaries....

you can see where i'm going here - when the 'good old boys' club in washington decide they want to make us happy - they make the market go up up up

when we've been bad, they make the market go down down down

so i decided to stop playing the stock market...and start investing in something else..

so today's google on financial investments

but nothing came up...sigh

then i remember one thing my wise old great uncle used to tell me - he was a master gardener

he said invest in land - it will never disappoint you

so there you go -- now to google 'how to buy land' - grin


and now for something completely different : greenspan



Anonymous said...

AZ, when i saw the latest uptik yesterday, i thought: it's so easy to manipulate the stk mkt when you own all the biz. watch for some of the funniest & downright weird reasons to be given to "explain" it, too. what they won't say is war is generally good for war-profiteers (haliburton etc) & this specific war is good for oilmen (our dear leaders & their cronies).

Can't quite agree with your uncle re: land as an investment, cuz it's subject to the same up/down cycles as all real estate. with land, it's even tougher to see where exactly you are in the cycle. Unless it's land you'll be using or living on; that's different.

ps, how'd you like the hybrid drive? D.K.

niCk(Mem Beth) said...

I googled "how to buy land", and I got this:

This is good for a laugh.

azgoddess said...

DK - about that land...well, i'm talking about an investment for the future - my kids and grandkids...

and the hybrid - well the rest of the story is - i bought my 06 jetta and told her about biodiesel that i use in it -- the next week or so she went out and got the

but about driving it - hate looking out the back window...maybe i didn't have the mirror right but i kept adjusting it and still there was the hatch line in the middle...not good!!

nick - crazy site!! too good!!!

cathouse teri said...

I find it very strange to drive a hybrid. It confuses me. When you stop it just shuts off. You think it's died! All in all, though, easy to adjust to.

I know nothing of financial investments. I'm financially retarded and I like it that way. :)

M. Shahin said...

Land sounds like a good investment. Also might try researching gold. I heard gold might possibly be a good too!

Thanks for visiting me at my new blog :-)

BBC said...

I hide my cash, why give it to an invester to make money on as a middle man?

I always made money on land, best investment on the planet. And if you sell it and hold the contract you get all that interest also. Boy, that adds up.

A Prius is a darn good car, once you get used to driving it, and the back window.