ah yes

an old friend contacted me out of the blue today - college roommate

and i got smacked in the face

with the hopelessness of people

he's on an antidepressant

i remember reading somewhere that the use of these tiny little pills

is on the rise


well, seems that all this fear and gloom and doom

served up on the nightly news

is creating a populous that is


so they take pills, like they are told

which creates a zombie-like people

who watch more news and get more depressed

this circle of life is not one i imagined

this numbing of the populous is not a new phenomenon

alcohol was the drug of choice

and opiates

natural substances, but still as effective

so i ask myself

why don't 'they' want us mad?


and now for something completely different : Confucius



Anonymous said...

I tried anti-depressants. Yes they did work. They work so well that it made me very afraid to take them. I would rather feel the depression, then to feel the elated feelings and still have dark thoughts. Instead of wanting to hide away from the world I thought of great ways to interact with the world violently. That was enough to scare me away from those drugs forever.

I learned to use exercise to control my depressed feelings, and to stay away from doctors that just prescribe drugs for anything that might bother you.

I started watching less news, a lot less, I use to be a news junkie. I hardly ever turn on the TV anymore. And I started therapy where I learned I was a Highly Sensitive Person and how to handle the overload of emotions I feel from my environment, which don't effect most people.

I just rambling now, I'm thinking I'm going to need to start sharing more, soon.

azgoddess said...

me 2 - - not the antdepressants but all the reasons you went there -- except tv - hate the stuff

but the sensitivity - yes

and it's funny, as i think most people are sensitive souls but they are tv'd or drugged or worked out of 'feeling'

that's what this earthly hell plane is all about - experiencing feelings/emotions...

and you can share anytime you want nick (mem beth) -- i'll be happy to listen

pissed off patricia said...

I would rather be miserable and deal with it than take something and not know what it might be doing to me. Watched a friend stop taking them and she went through hell, even with the help of her doctor.

Hell yes we're all depressed, how could we not be? But it's not self induced depression, it's awareness depression.

azgoddess said...

thanks pissed pat - yes, awareness depression...

Peacechick Mary said...

Hope your friend gets well soon.

John Good said...

Sometimes the pain can be the motivator to work for change. I rarely watch TV anymore (although I'm beginning to pay attention to MSNBC), I want the TRUTH. . .

So I read blogs, and report on what I read.

BBC said...

I've never taken them, I bite the problem in the butt and chew on it until I get it figured out. A social scientist (me) is like that, working over time on this problem, even though it makes us look strange to most folks.

It's why my blog often looks weird to others, but others reading it fully understand. And the post tomorrow will be heavy again, but it's great for us working on the problem to share things.

When are you two going to stop farting around and admit you have an interest in each other and kick it up a knoch.

It's not like you are twenty, as you get older each day is a gift. Each day without someone else is a lost day. Hugs.

BBC said...

Geez folks, get out of the past and Confucus, and all the monkey droppings of the past.

Get a vision.... Look forward to the future. Make our own future.

M. Shahin said...

Exactly azgoddess!

They create fear and depression by surrounding us with all the negativity and then push us towards pills.

I'm glad you stopped them Nick. I do not trust drugs that alter moods. Who knows what the long term affects are? They probably do make people zombie like when taking them azgoddess.

I heard even our water is treated with stuff to make us less reactive.

"except tv - hate the stuff"

Nice to meet someone else who threw that junk box out. I stopped TV 4 years ago, and I feel much more clear now.

Once in a while I will watch a few programs or movies but only from the Youtube or the library.

Very relevant post and thanks for the link. You always direct us towards good and inspiring things.

He was a very wise man; I have a lot of his quotes saved in my quotes collection.

Case Wagenvoord said...

Everyone worries about Orwell's "1984," but there are times when we seem to be approaching Huxley's "Brave New World" where they popped Somna (?).

Depression and anger have become moral obligations