as i sit

i was thinking this last nite

as i sit here

in my air-conditioned house


with all my 'stuff'

surrounding me

and nothing to speak of physically

except for a small bruise on my arm from yoga

a picture flashes in my head

brief but


of a soldier pointing a gun

at a small child

the child wearing torn garments

kneeling on a dirt floor

is crying and pleading - looking up at this

big, strong beast

and this is us

the child and the beast


and now for something completely different: Responsible shopper



Peacechick Mary said...

I know. I keep thinking - the ones who torture in the movies are the bad guys, right? Yes, I believe that is so.

azgoddess said...

i'm talking about the beast and child in each of us

the dark side of the soul and the light

the ying and the yang

according to this study:

we each and every one of us have the potential to torture

Anonymous said...

The darkness and the light in each of us. Yes, we all have that potential, to go one way or the other.

"Well darkness has a hunger thats insatiable
And lightness has a call thats hard to hear"

BBC said...

Az.. Spirit does not care about looking at a females vagina... Spirit cares about looking into her eyes, into her soul. Brushing her hair, holding her hand, taking walks with her, enjoying nature with her, things like that.

Her vagina is for putting his shaft into as they share each others souls. Oh, and her breasts are for both to enjoy. But the spirit was been brainwashed out of the females on this planet. The Goddess spirit has died, spirit is lonely and living with the humans.

Spirit will find peace and happiness within while here in this phyisical body, it isn't in females anymore.

M. Shahin said...

Very powerful imagery and truth azgoddess.

Yes, we all have the potential for the highest and lowest realms; most of us tend to seek the lower realms because it takes effort to do good and to change.

enigma4ever said...

I think sometimes I am horrified by the own decadent life I lead..and that is kind of a strange- cause I live in an old Urban apt- very frugal- very second hand..but when I watch the news - OTHER PLACES ...
I realize how Lucky I am...

( stop by and read Anderson's post on Anderson Coopers Blog - his latest post is about a little girl in Africa- very haunting....reminded me of your post...His blog is right above yours on my blogroll)