cool people

before we get to the cool people

i wanted to remind you-all

of requesting your early ballot

in order to avoid the diabold fiasco

and now on to cool people

i was observing yesterday

that it seems we are trained from the beginning

our first day in school

or pre-school

that we are what we wear, how we look

how we act

the friends we can attract

and this moves on thru our school experience

into the workplace

where, it's still there

only magnified

added to the 'coolness'


smarts , working over time with no pay,
kiss-assing, obedience, (any more?)

making us the perfect drones


and now for something completely different : POV



Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Refreshing to talk to our B&B owners here near Dublin. Autographed pix of Clinton on their wall. Made clear to them that not all Americans support Bush's war. They know that. Only the GOPers fail to ask about their wall photo.

Anonymous said...

Drone alert...

I am a commenting poet drone.
I am a commenting poet drone.


Anonymous said...

That's my problem, I'm just a "moist robot" living according to the current installation of my brain programming.

"stay the course, stay the course, stay the course"

There's a brick wall in front of me.

stay the course

I crash into the wall, head hurts.

stay the course

my head, achy and bleeding, crashes into the the brick wall, again and again

stay the course

I pass out from the concussions, I awake hours later and I hear

stay the course

no not again, please

stay the course

Crash. The moist robot dies. It doesn't matter. Moist robots are replaceable. Fresh Meat.

stay the course

I crash into the brick wall, head hurts.........

Peacechick Mary said...

I mailed my absentee ballot yesterday - Hooray! As for drone behavior,
Celebrating national holidays that have no meaning anymore like the 4th of July and Thanksgiving.

BBC said...

I pretty much dress any way I want to. Mostly like a working man, or a bum. I don't own a suit anymore. Not a real one anyway, but I do have a few suit jackets and ties for the times when I do need such clothes. But that is very seldom. Usually when I want to go to a meeting and talk to the kind of folks that are impressed by such shit.

We don't go to vote here, the ballet is sent to us and we vote at home and send it back. What happens to it after that, I don't know.

M. Shahin said...

A book was written by a teacher a couple of years ago, addressing this issue. He said the modern school system, is actually a tool to make obedient and passive citizens of the country.

I'm in college, and I see what a lot of young people just out of high school are into: style, the latest movie, etc. These things are okay, and part of being young, but they hardly discuss world issues and what is going on in our own country.

And this was the intention of those in power, keep people like robots so they will accept anything. But it looks like slowly by slowly, people are breaking out of the drone mode...just what baby bush and murdering associates don't want to see.

pissed off patricia said...

I haven't had to kiss ass in a long time and I don't plan to have to do it again. Just not in my nature. And yes I did lose a job once for that very reason.

BBC said...

Patrica... I've walked off of jobs for that reason. Often after just a few days. I kiss no ones ass, and there are always plenty of jobs out there for a man with skills.