Pledge of Allegiance

as i awoke - groggily from my sleep this morn

i was thinking of what the bushites version of this pledge - would be - smile

so i did some research on the net

to get the exact words

but what i found was um, somewhat disturbing

i want you-all to go to this link

and about half way down there's a picture

of school children reciting the pledge

using the Bellamy Salute

which was a modification of the Roman Salute

(of which i could digress about the Roman state we have been creating

but i won't)

but that's not the worst of it

this little diddy was created to sell flags

and from the lips of it's author:

"Bellamy said that the purpose of the pledge was to teach obedience to the state as a virtue"

so i've decided

not to make a funny and change this pledge to what baby bush thinks

as it pretty much does exactly what baby bush and compadres want it to do...

hell, even Texas has it's own pledge to the flag

i want to change it for 'us'

I pledge my allegiance to the Peaceful citizens of Earth, and to The World for which it stands, one Planet under our Earth Goddess and Father Moon, indivisible, with most importantly ~ liberty and justice for all.

now who wants to design our flag?


and now for something completely different : creative visualization



Mike said...

Hi AZ!

This is an excellent post! Thanks for it.

I spotted a comment of yours on Blognonymous. Just had to see your blog.

Mike @
String Cheese Theory

BBC said...

Somewhere in all my documents is a Pledge of Allegiance that I wrote. To the world. A pledge to this country alone is to restrictive.

Case Wagenvoord said...

Caught the photo of the little tykes being indoctrinated. All they need to make it complete is some red armbands with black on white swastikas.

Seig Bush!

Anonymous said...

I like your version of the Pledge.

I knew about the Bellamy salute, that was changed because it was to close to the Nazi salute.

I agree with BBC. The Pledge is too restrictive, and is used to Nationalize young minds that are still being molded. if we were more intelligent we teach our children better lessons than Nationalism. Created to sell flags? Makes Sense.

How about Pledging Allegiance to The US Constitution, and the rights and freedoms it is suppose to protect.

But that's just a piece of paper.

And the flag is just a piece of cloth.

Yeah, lets just stick to the Pledge of Allegiance to the planet, good idea.

Peacechick Mary said...

I loooovvvveeee your pledge! Beautiful. It invokes world citizenship and unity. I wonder, tho if we have to be under any god/godess influence. Maybe we could be under faith in mankind and its humanity. Dunno.

M. Shahin said...

What a unifying pledge! Thanks azgoddess :-)

BBC said...

Ah, design the flag. Sure, I can do that for you. A rainbow colored background with a picture of the earth on each side. One earth, one peoples, united.