origin belief

ever need proof that all religions

are similar

if not

so alike, that

it's scary enough for their followers

to wear blinders?

well, on to my day

i'm writing early as i have a busy day planned

i'll be going to a protest rally at noon - world can't wait

and another 'world can't wait' at 4pm at the federal building downtown

and yet another one at 5 (local one promoting non-violence) at the federal building

and i got to thinking about what 'we' focus our thoughts on..

i read this today:

I urge you all to refuse to focus on fear and darkness, and turn instead to the positivity that lies within everything. Choose the thing that most upsets you today and look for 5 things about it that are positive. In this way, you can teach yourself to change your mind and therefore change your world.

i will make a pledge

i will focus my thoughts on the 'light'

i will work with like-minded people for non-violent peace

anyone with me?


and now for something completely different : Freedom to Fascism



pissed off patricia said...

Count me in to try.

I have been telling those going to protests that if they get arrested to let me know and I'll send a cake with the jail keys inside. Have fun :)

Andrew said...

I browsed through that Wikipedia article on origin theories. I've always thought it myopic for folks who hold to one set of religious beliefs to claim that all others must automatically be wrong, especially given the similarities in many areas, not just in origin theories.

Like Patricia said, have fun.

And thanks for being such a regular visitor.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Hello, Good luck at the protest.

Have you ever read Cambells's The Hero with One Thousand faces? It studies the Mythos of the Hero and how it fits in all cultures

The Hero with a Thousand Faces - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Amazon.com: The Hero with a Thousand Faces (Mythos Books): Books: Joseph Campbell

GraemeAnfinson said...

Kick ass! Have fun and be safe

azgoddess said...

bsck from the first protest...

it's amazing to me that undercover cops don't realize that we know they are still cops - lol

anyways..it started small but the turn out was great...

and ole - thanks for the link..i've not read the book however i have read bit and pieces of his mythology

and as far as i'm concerned, the fall of human-kind started when human's began devaluing the female spirit...as the east has pointe dout so many times -- we are all ying and yang -- and it's in the learning of the balance of these two

Anonymous said...

I was just going to recommend reading some Jospeh Campbell, but ole blue beat me to it! I really like "the power of myth" There is a series of DVDS on the power of myth interviews he had with Bill Moyers.

Hope you are having fun at the WCW rallies! We had a small turnout at the one in my hometown, but still was nice to meet some mroe like-minded people!

BBC said...

“beast and child in each of us”

That’s right, it’s the ‘child’ part in a person, controlling it, that creates the wars and kills others, even women and children. It’s children warring, along with the ones that are talked into helping them with it. Thanks for doing the protests hon. This is a small town, but we do one each Saturday.

enigma4ever…. I lived in a pickup camper for some time after I moved here, then for a few years in a storage unit with my tools and equipment. Then the camper again on the property I acquired. Until I redid one room in this old building last fall, and moved into it. I’ve felt gifted through all of, I think everyday about the people living under trees and starving through no fault of their own. Some prefer to live that way, living outside, not the starving part. Many of them live around here. But no one here goes hungry, all are fed. This town has a great support system for all of that.

Peacechick Mary said...

Hoooooray! Me too. I like the idea of all of us all around the country getting out there, sort of a bonding thing, dontcha think?

dada said...

Way to go, az. My wife did the local World Can't Wait demonstration today and said they got more positive responses than ever!

Hope yours went well. Maybe things are beginning to turn? WTG!

M. Shahin said...

I'm with you azgoddess! Let us all come together!

I'm glad everything went well at the protest, and I hope the same for the next.

I have a feeling this will continue to grow around the country. I hope we can have a protest of 100,000 as recently happened in the UK.

"and as far as i'm concerned, the fall of human-kind started when human's began devaluing the female spirit..."

I think you are right about that azgoddess. The female spirit is not appreciated, and women are often looked at in one way, when she contains within her healing for a shattered world.

I think women have always had the more inward and spiritual quality than men, and in the times we are living in now, it is time to look within and fill up the emptiness of the world.

Anonymous said...

Funny. Most religions usually teach tolerance, acceptance and being nonjudgmental. But why are the religious people so bigoted?

Thank you for your spirit, you add much to our world.