vote vote vote

another great web page has come to my attention

great ~ because why?

it allows me at the click of a mouse

to check out the people


um, i elected

to check out how they're voting

when they get so very far away from home

so, for those of you who have

not already sent in your absentee ballots

check this out: Planned Parenthood Action

click on the 2006 Federal Endorsements


and now for something completely different : Lillian Smith



BBC said...

The Lillian Smith link was interesting.

Sing happy songs today hon.

D.K. Raed said...

AZ, are you saying voting thrice is better than once (LOL) ?!?

To all my disgusted (and disgusting) bush-supporting neighbors who tell me they're staying away from the polls this election "to protest" -- why not make your vote count twice by voting dem? Not voting only takes 1 vote away from repubes. Taking that non-vote to the dems gives it double-strength.

I've also approached the local weight-watchers club about this bumper sticker: "You've had your 6-yr BINGE, now it's time to PURGE" ... no interest (Beeb will understand, I'm in UT) ~~ D.K.

Anonymous said...

Lillian...We need more of her...or those like her.

Voting twice or thrice
In November's race
Is easy
With Diebold in place!

(Sorry... Felt a little drunk for a second there.) :>)

GraemeAnfinson said...

nice link. thanks

msliberty said...

Thank you for introducing me to Lillian Smith!

I've added her to my summer reading list!

Mike said...

Nice piece on Lillian Smith. Thanks!

I received my absentee ballot today. I think the return addy on it goes "right" to Diebold.

Great stuff. Keep it up...get the word out.

Mike @
String Cheese Theory

M. Shahin said...

I've got to read some of Lillian's work. She was an amazing woman; wish there were more like her. Thanks azgoddess for introducing me to this wonderful woman and author.