got gas?

i think
getting gas
IS better than

'got milk?'

the crap they put in milk
isn't allowed
anywhere else in the world
except for the good US of A


one of the first things
i think we need to do
it to
start looking at
what big biz combined
with the drug industry
(legal that is)

is doing
to non-enrich
our lives

the office of
stops here!


and now for something completely different : GasBuddy



Anonymous said...

"Fast Food Nation" is out soon.....

Did you know that gas exhaust from cars is now causing an increasing number of lung cancers cases each year. We complain about secondhand smoke, but put up with this becuase we can't get along without our precious cars, and the economy would spiral downward if everyone was to start conserving. I think we should raise the price of gas to $10, look at all the damage it causes. Political, economical, medical, envrionmental...........
We need to break our debilitating addiction.

Ok. I'll stop ranting now.

Hey AZ, I hope you're having a great day. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that gas buddy is cool!!! Welcome back, Goddess, from your non-dancing, all-working weekend. Next weekend, dancing for sure!!!!

Case Wagenvoord said...

Gas prices are starting to creep up in New Jersey.

I read somewhere that if the total environmental cost of the American automobile we factored into the price of gasoline, we'e be paying around $18 per gallon.

M. Shahin said...

My parents talk about gas that was 99 cents - where did those prices go? We pay some of the highest prices in the country, and here it is not self serve.

I've known about what they put in milk for a couple of years, and I refuse to drink anything except organic without hormones.

There is hormones in meat and milk, and there is a trend among kids growing faster than normal with some young girls at the age of 4 and 5 starting menstrual periods.

They also pollute our vegetables with pesticides and genetically modify our food.

I say why don't they just leave our food alone!

Penrick said...

Gas prices are still the same in MA. I expect to see them rise any day now. I wish we could ban together to boycott gas as much as possible.....but we live in a "me" society.......sigh

Chuck said...

Cow's milk is not good for human consumption. Period. But, you know really, there's not a whole heck of a lot that's good for human consumption past the fruits and vegetables.

I shouldn't talk. Every time the holidays approach I become addicted to Hershey's Kisses all over again.

And yes, gasoline prices took a 10 cent jump here on November 8 and are playing "creeper" now.

Anonymous said...

I am standing with you! The buck, the gas, the military complex, and the drug stops here! :>)

BBC said...

Of course gas prices are going up, the elections are over.

I like milk, but I prefer it straight from the tit. ... Smirk. I can't spend a lot of time worrying about what is good and bad for me. They change their minds every other week. I've lived 63 years, one day I will die, end of story. Now gimmie some of that candy.

I'm with Nick on ten bucks a gallon. Twenty for anything with an EPA rating of less than 25 MPG

dada said...

I'll "third Nick's motion" for MUCH higher gas prices.

Just came from reading about the imminent release of the movie "Fast Food Nation" and hope it's as good my anticipation of it is at the moment.

Professor Zero said...

So this is why milk no longer agrees with me ... I wonder? There is *every* reason to go vegan, and I think I may make it my new year's resolution. It used to seem so puritanical ... now it seems like self defense.

$20 per gallon, I'd sign that legislation!