where have they gone?

i'm in a melancholy
mood today

as i see the stats
of the people
who have died
or were wounded
in this stupid war

and remember
what seems like
just a few years ago

when we were given stats
ones today

we must stop this
vicious cycle!


and now for something completely different: Mini-Earth



Anonymous said...

I just love magnificent broads, don't you?

D.K. Raed said...

Had to call husband in to watch Joanie. Holding hands, listening to her, she takes us right back to the days. Love the way she always makes a song her own. When WILL we ever learn? ~~ D.K.

Anonymous said...

That mini-earth link is great. Certainly puts perspective on our "needs" in the U.S.

Love the Joan Baez vid, Thanks for both links.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that mini-earth video was very powerful! Thanks for posting the link!

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

It was depressing to hear Michael Gordon, the chief military correspondent of the NY times, on NPR's Fresh Air yesterday (while driving at lunchtime). He gave a depressingly convincing case for more not fewer troops. I heard this and thought: your kids? Whose? Not mine. More than that I was angry at Bush & Co. for a hideously wrongheaded and tragic and arrogant and misguided undeclared war without our consent.

the Laughorist said...

I'd love to see a YouTube video of Phil Ochs singing "I Ain't Marchin' Anymore."

BBC said...

I can't watch Utube until Quest gets a faster connection to my place. When ever that will be. I seem to be in a dead hole here with the only affordable access to the web through a modem.

With the wars and confects world wide , about thirty thousand people dying of starvation everyday, the total must be at least one hundred thousand souls a day dead. Sigh.

M. Shahin said...

Wow azgoddess - thanks for that mini-earth link. I will be featuring it on my other blog very soon.

It reminds us to appreciate what we have. I'm very rich compared to many in the world.

fc said...

That video of Joan's looks just like the War Protest March my wife and I went to in D.C. Sept. 24th 2005. We had rented a conventional wheelchair and I did not have the strength by 5:00 pm to wheel it thru the grass in order to get in front of the stage area. We sat for about an hour in the edge of the trees behind Joan in the video. We heard Cindy Sheehan and Jessie Jackson both speak. We left shortly after that... It was the crowning moment in my political activist's life. I have the pics and a post linked on my blog at the bottom of the center column...

Thanks for the memories...

- fc