yesterday and today

yesterday was kind-of
fun and light-hearted
~tag you're it~

i remember playing that as a child

and playing kick-the-can

and at night we would
catch fireflys in jars

and then my mom would let
them go when
i fell fast asleep

as a child we would
play outside
all day long
when we were not in
and in the summer
some of the night also

and being
playing and touching

has created a person in
who is environmental conscious
and loves to be outside
smell the air after a rain
so it
should be
no surprise
(sad but no surprise)
when future generations
let our world overheat and
fall into disarray

seems all they
care about
are flat screen tv's
and the newest game cube
that has hit the market..

on a positive note:
my son and daughter played
outside when they were
and when i get
my grandkids
they play outside too

so take a child out to play
even if it's your own
inner child


and now for something completely different: Joan Baez



BBC said...

That sounds a lot like my childhood. Some parts of the old days really were the good old days, and I miss them.

We played a lot of hide and seek. We don't have fire flys here, they sure are cute.

It's warming up, 49.5 degrees this am, the snow will start leaving now.

Have a great day, hugs.

Fernando said...

I never knew what joy small children are - until I had a teenager.

thepoetryman said...

The sad truth is we did not and do not do enough. Sad truth is we are all complicit as a whole; humanity fails as we all fail. Rise up or fall down.

pissed off patricia said...

Remember how your hands smelled after catching lightening bugs (that's what we called them)

I got in trouble so many times for not coming inside when the street lights came on.

I never hear kids out playing after dinner and seldom before dinner either. We were lucky not to have so much and make the most of so little. I think it made us more interesting people.

I take my inner child outside all the time....she loves it :)

Now I'm going back to your yesterday post and see what I missed while I was cleaning windows.

HillCountryGal said...

I spend so much time outside I'm beginning to resemble Georgia O'Keefe. Which really ain't a bad thing.
The X-Box generation has no idea what to do outside. None. Maybe if they made wi-fi X-Boxes? Then the kids could play their vids outside.

Case Wagenvoord said...

It wasn't just playing outside, it was using your imagination on everything. A broken turntable became the controls of a rocket ship exploring outerspace, fingers became guns in games of cops and robbers, we rode imaginary horses as we pursued bands of outlaws, and nearby Bircham Wood was an enchante forest inhabited by monsters and beautiful princesses.

Peacechick Mary said...

We lived outside when the weather allowed - running and playing all day and early into the night. Now parents tell me they can't allow their children out unless there is an adult nearby. Too many wierdos out there. Sad, that. As for Joan Baez, she was the glue that held us together when we stopped the last war.

Pam said...

Joan Baez....just awesome!!

M. Shahin said...

Thanks for sharing a part of your childhood. And yes my generation is very different from my mom's generation. They were more in tune with nature. Nowadays we can pollute our environment more readily because we have no connection with nature since we are always inside watching the TV or playing the games.

Excellent post azgoddess, that addresses an important issue.