and yes i'm shouting
cuz it's gonna be a fun day
but tomorrow

i gotta work - early
so dancing but
not all nite
dancing! grin

i think i saw one of these guys
last nite:


and now for something completely different: Donate Life



HillCountryGal said...

Actually, I was pretty impressed they were able to dance that long with their pants down around their ankles.
And you have fun dancing, even if it's not all night. :-)

Fernando said...


Peacechick Mary said...

Those guys are scary. Might even be Osama in disguise. YOu think? Have fun and dance til you drop.

BBC said...

I have been registered as an organ donor longer than I can remember, ever since they started that program.

But don't forget who's taking you home..... Oh, darling..... save the last dance for me.......

Kvatch said...

EEK! I didn't need to see that! Did I need to see that?!

John Good said...

Must. . .go. . .wash. . .eyes. . .