dancing, dancing - DANCING

was a blast
last night

so much fun

and yep, i'm at work to-day

so if you happen to stop by
here's a bit of something
to hopefully brighten
your day

i'm going home for a nap
and dream about this beach


and now for something completely different: BookCrossing



BBC said...

Gaaaaaa !! My slow connection won't allow me to watch Utube. Beach? Beach? Oh sure, send me the details and a plane ticket. It will be a little cabana away from all the noise won't it?

But within walking distance of the music and dancing. Smirk.

enigma4ever said...

wonderful....got to hum while I hung ornaments- thank you...ya-man-ya-baby.....

Pam said...

I wanna go dancing!!!!

Peacechick Mary said...

Sat here rockin' back and forth dancing in my own lap! Thanks.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

You need to go dancing on the beach ;-)

M. Shahin said...

Glad you had a blast! Your dancing fever is overtaking the entire blogosphere to the point where those who can't dance like me, want to :-)

And thanks for that bookcrossing link - that is just what I need :-)

Anonymous said...

Goddess, I can picture you dancing. On the beach. It fits you.
Thanks for the vid. It goes great with my morning coffee. :-)