conspiracy therory #1

before i get
to my theory

thanks everyone
for your
good wishes

thanks so much

and now on
to this new
conspiracy theory

i was thinking
over the weekend

what if
this whole war

the flag people

as every
man or woman
that dies
in combat
gets one

an american
flag that is

see, flag sales
were slacking
a few years back
and so
to boost

the flag people
sent lobbyists
to washington
and paid big bucks
for them
to start another

if baby bush can come up
with his theories
they have weapons
of mass destruction
or they
blew up
the twin

then i can
come up with my
own imaginary

(tongue outta cheeks now)


and now for something completely different: Earth Calendar



BBC said...


My theory is that they are all frigging crazy. Even Nancy will end up disappointing us.

Hey, got coco?

Peacechick Mary said...

Guess that would be the Hong Kong theory or the China theory as both the flags and yellow ribbon stickers come from over there. You theory is as good as anyones.

Professor Zero said...

I like that Earth Calendar!!!

thepoetryman said...

Cool calendar... Your theory is just another view of capatalism run amok- a right patriotic view at that! :>)

My theory is- don't tell anyone else, okay?- but my theory is that the makers of GI Joe felt the pinch of waning sales and sent a lobbyist, none other than Jack Abramhoff to DC to court the war vote. Well, on his way to DC he stopped by one too many Indian Casinos and lost his ass and then some and when approached with certain financial ruin and/or death from the "mob", which included Exxon, the Military Industrial Complex, Halliburton, Chevron, Wal-Mart, a guy named Joey, Cheney and Wolfowitz, and Big Pharmaceuticals, the RNC and the NRA he struck up a shitload of deals, under the table of course, to secure the casino lobby and all their friends the votes they needed to stay afloat and secure the illusion of a continued American Empire... The rest is history right along with Jack himself.

The End.


pissed off patricia said...

I'm with Peacechick, most of them come from Japan or China. But what the heck, it's your theory and you can make it anything you want, right?

Again, glad you're back

Lew Scannon said...

The whole flag waving business started in heavy after 9/11. Maybe they had a hand in that as well.

BBC said...

So where is theory #2 ?

Fernando said...

Say what you want. Only real simple people believe the "official" story.

Something happened, they lied about it, and we don't have leaders that will tell us the truth or even allow for decent investigations.

You tell me then - what dropped WTC 7? Answer that.

Old Broad said...

I loved your Earth Calendar. I saved it to faves. (It's me, the former Hill).
And BTW, I agree 100% with FERNANDO. 100%.

Robert Rouse said...

I have this theory that there is an on-going conspiracy to feed conspiracy theorists enough tidbits to keep conspiracy theories in the air while the original conspirators continue to conspire to start enough new conspiracies going to keep prying eyes away from the strategy behind the original point of "Plan A".

Or something like that, at least that's the rumor I'm starting.

John Good said...

I think Robert's onto something. . .or on something. . .I'm not sure which. ;)