missed you-all


back in the

and boy
did i miss

i'll be around
sometime today
to visit

but i
had to
at least
leave you
with this


and now for something completely different: Green Power



Anonymous said...

We have missed you, too, Goddess. So, so glad you're coming back.

spadoman said...

Thanks AZ. A good link here you gave us. We have a lot going on here in Wisconsin. Our town, Ashland, is one of only a handful statewide that have a city proclamation and is working on a sustainability plan. Other towns arounf ther Chquamegon Bay of Lake Superior are joining Ashland and creating a small but effective voice for the future.

We burn wood at the Cabin and have an outhouse there. No TV, no phones, no computers. It's a start for us.

Like others, glad to see you back.


Peacechick Mary said...

When I saw your comments at my site, I thought, "whooee, she's back." Hope your daughter is still doing well and you aren't too worn out. Take care.

BBC said...

So, was you drunk for a week? He,he,he.

Our PUD uses what green power it can.

I'm up to my usual tricks? I'm supposed to be learning new ones?

Can I send you a keyboard with a shift key that works? LOL


Pam said...

Welcome back AZ!!

Lew Scannon said...

No green power in this neighborhood. But what do you expect froma city that doesn't even have public transportation on Sundays?

GraemeAnfinson said...

welcome back

Fernando said...

The fun starts today AZ! Its a brand new world.

Fernando said...

Oh, & I've been on Green Mountain Energy since Al Gore came into town to do his Truth show live. Easiest thing in the world to switch. House runs on wind, car (Jeep Liberty) runs on bio-diesel. Simple.

Kvatch said...

The Frogette and I were one of Green Mountain Energy's first customers back in 1997 (a supplier that delivered "green" energy blends in CA and other markets). Green Mountain left us high and dry as they exited the CA market just before deregulation in 2000. For an explanation, they tried to concoct some b*llshit about not being able to compete in the new CA marketplace. But the plain fact was that they were unwilling to see their margins trimmed by true competition (especially egregious when you consider that they were charging more in the first place).

In the end, their so-called commitment to green blends and their customers turned out to be nothing. Sad...

M. Shahin said...

Thanks for the greenpower link, and it is good to see you are back!

pissed off patricia said...

You are back! I missed you and hope all is well or at least pretty good. Happy New Year! :)

John Good said...

Hi, AZ! Welcome back! =)

thepoetryman said...

Bring on the windmills!

Welcome back...