the desert in snow

this is what i woke up to this morning - the snow was all the way down, to the valley my house is in - - my daughter called me last night and told me to go outside and when i did

a giant snow flake landed on my nose

i was gonna write about the urban war we, in america have going on

but there's always tomorrow

today i'm gonna sit and enjoy the warmth of my home and stare at the snow


and now for something completely different: Helium



Peacechick Mary said...

That is the very best kind of procrastination - taking time to enjoy life.

Case Wagenvoord said...

You are so lucky with your snow. All we've gotten is a couple of dustings. I'm primed for a good blizzard.

Enjoy it.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

The desert is very scenic in snow. I have been lucky enough to visit the Grand Canyon just after snow. I was beautiful.

We had plenty of snow every year I lived in Albuquerque, the mountains would glow at night.

Love that link. I love any link that would help me research whatever my random thoughts my brain develops.

Thanks for the pic.

Professor Zero said...

That's beautiful!

BBC said...

One of the nastiest snow storms I ever drove through as in the Albuquerque area. There was rigs in the ditches everywhere for a hundred miles.

The link isn't what I was expecting, I've made helium. But it's iffy stuff to store, use, and mess with. Blows up easily, I think it is a female gas. LOL

No snow here, it's nice. Never too much hot or cold here, that is one thing I like about this area.

But it will leave you soon, meanwhile enjoy it with hot coco.

Lew Scannon said...

Here in Michigan, we'd call that a Texas blizzard (we laugh in Texans who have no idea how to drive in snow, even a light dusting). A real bad storm is when they close the schools, a blizzard's when you can't make it to the supermarket.

enigma4ever said...

I woke up to pictures of snow on the weather channel- and I thought they were showing Eastern Wash....but then I saw that it was Tuscon Arizona //wow..stunning....

later....gotta go walk the doggie in the snow- she still runs from it....poor thing...