let's fun our friday - YEA!

so glad it's friday

and today
i drove into
work with
some nice
gentle rain

anyone out
there ever smell
a southwest desert
in the rain?

it's got the most unique
smell in the world
a plant called
creosote bush

so i opened my
car window
and let that smell in


Anyone up
for dancing
in the rain?


and now for something completely different : Chi-Town Climate Exchange



niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I have lived in the desert (NM) and smelled the wonderful aromas of after a rain. It is wonderful.

I miss NM.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I also love to be out in the rain.

I'll dance with you.

Spadoman said...

Hmmmm. Maybe a trip to New Mexico in my future yet this winter. Not rainy season, but the smell I seek is warm!

You do the dancing in the rain, I'll just sing if it rains. But I'm afraid it'll be snow until April :-)

D.K. Raed said...

AZ, I LOVE that smell! Also desert sage before & after rain is wonderful. Basically I love the desert, even though it can be harsh. Its denizens are loving & resilient (like you, AZ -- I read your comment at Enigma's & left you a response there). Have a fine time doing a rain dance tonight. ps, I do like your "new" look here, much easier on my eyes. ~~ D.K.

enigma4ever said...

DK is right this is so much easier on the eyes....Enigma here, I have been tied up all day - and I just read your NYE experience over at WS- and please come back I left you a response....Many many hugs and well...Everyday things will get better...You are brave and strong...and please know we all care about you...take care...

Pam said...

Dancing in the rain...sounds perfect!

Love the new look of the blog too. very nice.

Fernando said...

I remember living in El Paso smelling the creosote rain. It was excellent.

It's raining here in Dallas too. A cold constant rain albeit gentle, very cold. It doesn't smell good either.

Old Broad said...

Goddess!!!! How I've missed you! NO internet access for several days due to our ICE STORM from hell, but now back & sooooooo good to read you again.
And yes, I've smelled that wonderful smell. It is like no other.
Have a FUN weekend!!!!!

pissed off patricia said...

Having never been to the west, I have no idea the smell of rain there but I do know the smell of rain in the south. That's pretty nice too. :)

John Good said...

The smell of rain here in Indiana has been VERY pleasant due to the fact that it hasn't been ice or snow!! ;)

GraemeAnfinson said...

it was 20 below here for a while. ran would be nice

BBC said...

Ah yes, nothing as sweet as a southwest desert rain. Our rain here is just rain, sometimes an asphalt smell off of a hot road though. LOL

Most rains here are gentle so that is good. When moving from Utah to Montana one day it started raining very hard but I had to stay out in it to get a tarp over the load. (Marie ran into the house to hide instead of helping)

After a few minutes I was so soaked that it didn't make any difference. When you get so soaked that you become comfortable, now that is dancing wet.