nice long weekend

honoring a wonderful man
martin luther king

and now
on to something
that just makes me

TV ads for enlisting
the military
have gone to
a new low - no surprise

(fade to
son in military
standing next to tractor
with wheat fields in the distance
and parents standing
to his left
holding hands
and looking
at their son)

this is all i saw
and didn't hear anything
as i mute TV
when i do watch it

but all i could think
about when i saw
this was
what if i had lost
my child
to this damn
war and
turned on my TV
to see


and now for something completely different: People Search



Old Broad said...

I know the ad you speak of and it sickens me, too.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Girl, it is SNOWING HERE. In the Hill Country. Of Texas. FREAKING SNOWING. Unheard of. Austin is literally shut down.
I had to go out & use an ICE PICK to break up the deer corn. It had frozen into one huge solid chunk.

Peacechick Mary said...

I also notice the target of their ads - farmers (they got screwed by the Bush admin and are going broke) and people of color, hispanic and black. So they have their little marketing arm wound up and pitching.

BBC said...

TV?? Wuz dat?

So did you have a fun weekend?

Lew Scannon said...

Searched for myself and found I am one year older to everyone I know. Funny, my birthday's not until next month.....

GraemeAnfinson said...

enough with the military ads, yuck. they should show people with their legs blown off by ieds.