yes yes yes

i had a blast
and ended up dancing
for 7 hours
this past weekend

yep - seven
it was so much fun

i guess i had a lot
of pent
energy to

which got me to

that if baby bush
had something
better to
do with his time
than plan wars
and piss off major world
power leaders

this planet
of ours
would be
a far better place

so i think i'll write
the white house
and suggest
that condi
start booking some
live bands

and have
richard b
start inviting all
his rich and
influential friends

then have

so thay all
can have

i'd bet
it'll chill
everyone out


and now for something completely different : Double a Penny



niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Dance? I'm surprised he hasn't outlawed dancing yet. It's just a matter of time.

Who wants to dance? "it's time to cut loose....."

Case Wagenvoord said...

Dance hell, he'd start a first fight on the dance floor.


He'd delegate a fist fight on the dance floor.

Professor Zero said...

I like this post! Maybe we can dance ourselves free!

thepoetryman said...

A dance would be lovely... Two steppin' their way into the hall of war...It is a nice thought, however. Glad you had a good time moving your feet. :>)

John Good said...

Can we see him dance at the end of a rope? It was good enough for Hussein.

And he likes that macho western cowboy image shit. . .probably get him to go right along with it if ya present it right!

Fernando said...

Excellent links. I really enjoyed the Condi and Pickles links.

BBC said...

That idiot is not going to chill out. He doesn't listen to anyone and he appears to also have his wife brainwashed.

If she ever did try to talk sense to him she forgot to grab his microphone (his dick) so that he would hear her.

He'll be gone one of these days and maybe the replacement will do better, we shall see.

Glad you had a great time. Hugs.

enigma4ever said...

Hey there thanks for going out and cutting the rug- good for you...we need more dancing...and yeah if we could just dance out of this era...that would be something,....great links as always- you always find the coolest stuff...

Spadoman said...

OK, here's an idea.... Dance for the double pennies! I mean, who knows? Right?

Glad you're dancing and enjoying it.

dada said...

Bush's afflictions demand he unleash more and more of his sadomasochism on the Earth if he is to maintain his weakening grip on reality.

Too bad he couldn't get the same jollies from dancing. Could you imagine the entire population of the Earth moon walking?