not sure
how many
of you
have felt
pains lately

but i did

and it was weird
i didn't know
what they were
when they
were happening

i just thought
my stomach hurt

but then
i attended
the banquet

and found
tummy's hurt

and then
i ate
and my tummy
hurt in a different
way - from
eating too

now that tummy
i'm familiar with

peace peace peace


and now for something completely different: Oxfam



BBC said...

Gotta share one of my favorite quotations with you. :-)

"I eat to live, not live to eat."

And I'm not very picky about what it is, I can be thankful for a peanut butter sandwich.

Or a baked potato.

I seldom do multi course meals anymore.

Life is too short to spend a lot of time prepping and cooking.

Now, I think I will do a crock pot thing today, a batch in it lasts as much as a week.

Peacechick Mary said...

It's odd, but when a child begins to die to hunger, they no longer feel the pain in their stomach. They don't cry either. Heartbreaking. I'm so proud of you AZ, for doing what you did and the awareness you have brought to the situation. There is really no need for hunger in this world. There is abundance, but it gets horded for gold.

Case Wagenvoord said...

We gorge while others starve. It's another example of a world out of balance.

Old Broad (going back to Hill soon) said...

I read once where a child in America was asked to describe his hunger.
He said it felt like his "stomach was touching" his back.
I was overwhelmed with sadness.

dada said...

WTG, AZ....Ironically, I happened to come here immediately after reading of Prince Charles' 'crusade' against McDonald's, obesity, and increasing diabetes from unhealthy diets.

It's like opposite ends of the rainbow, you and he, working towards a healthier planet by amplifying awareness of the extremes.

Thank you!

thepoetryman said...

The sad thing is is that "hunger" is not a pain... It is a numbing. It is a void. I have felt very hungry before and from not eating at that, but I have never been "hungry" or felt "hunger".
I've said, "Man! I'm starving!"

When we think of it as something we might have actually experienced (like a starving child pictured on our television screens or magazines) we begin to lose the truth of "hunger" or "starvation".

I imagine it would take several days without food and water before I could come nearer to feeling what a starving person feels. I tremble at the thought.

I have expereinced the same sensations you did and I understand what you are saying. Take that feeling and mulitiply it by 900 and add the numbing realization that you will not be fed tomorrow or the next day and I bet then we, I, could come closer to understanding what it really means to be "hungry", have "hunger", or be "starving"...

Peace my friend.