that's right
i love flowers

so i
a conscious
to buy
every week

yesterday i bought
this long stemmed
white and yellow

i carefully cut
and put them
in this beauteous vase
i have

and placed them
in the
living room
i can see
and smell
every time
i walk by

now where
was i going
(i got lost
in remembering how
they smelled)

oh yea
now i remember

why DO
i buy flowers
for myself?

to remind
that there
is still great beauty
on this small
blue planet
of ours

and also
it's a way
i take care of me

so today
my friends

your beauty
and take good care
of yourselves
and the ones you love!

peace peace peace


and now for something completely different: Hybrid Incentives



Sewmouse said...

I would LOVE to do that for me.
Unfortunately, the kitties would love them as well, but as cat-toys and chew-toys - and eventually throw-up-on-the-carpet toys.


Peacechick Mary said...

You know why I like gladiolus? Because they are glad, glad, glad - I tell you! Look at their little arms raised high in song.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Flowers look and smell so good to attract insects to pollinate them. Its sexual, and it's all good. Nature in its full, wonderful, inntimate glory.

Another way sex helps our good moods.

Old Broad (going back to Hill soon) said...

Goddess, I just planted tons of spring flowers. I even planted several rosemary bushes, which smell heavenly when you water them.
I can't live without flowers. They brighten the world.
BTW, I redid that post with the pixs. It's working now.

John Good said...

AZ - I stop by almost daily, but don't often comment. Just wanted to let ya know I'm lurking. . . =)

BBC said...

Even in the winter here there is much natural beauty and flowers that I enjoy. So I don't buy them to set them on the table to enjoy. I send money to try to feed people instead. I think a dying person needs food more than I need flowers, but that is just me.

I did buy some flowers the other night though, for five bucks, then handed them back to the lady and said "these are for you."

She thanked me very much and then shared them with the other ladies there. That was cool.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Flowers -- literally or metaphorically -- are a good gift to one's self. I have been forgetting to water my bonsai. What does that signify?