um, mad

i was


for a short while

i picked up
my grandson
and we went to the dentist
and had the windows down
as it was a nice
day ~~ finally

and the guy
next to us
had a smelly stinky
with exhaust so thick
you could

and i had
universe thought

that there were
bubbles surrounding
all the personal vehicles in the world

the pollution
coming out
of the exhaust pipe
gets re-circulated
into the bubble
and the people
driving the vehicle
have to
smell it
the whole time
they are out
and about

think this would
make people
use alternative


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Peacechick Mary said...

Good idea again. We used to have inspections down here in Florida, but when the truckers had to get their vehicles inspected, they put up such a howl and pressured, so now everyone runs around spewing exhaust.

Lew Scannon said...

Sometimes, I think some of these miscreants actually enjoy poisoning the world. Maybe they just need a hug!

John Good said...

I wish I could have my windows open here today! I'm just sayin'. . . =) Brrr

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I know. That makes me so mad, also. When I'm out running and a poorly maintained car or truck passes me by and pollutes our air, and i have to take a big breath of it.

The have no vehicle or exhaust inspections in Alabama. There are lots of this assholes, and these people act they have a right foul everyone's air.

Old Broad said...

It used to be really bad here in Texas, then finally the legislature passed laws requiring vehicles in large urban areas to pass an emissions control test.

BBC said...

My rig is gas but in good tune. And I turn it off as soon as I can. I've been known to turn it off a half block before a light if I know I'm going to have to stop there.

I almost always turn it off and just coast into parking spots.

But a lot of people just don't care, when I see a car sitting and idling for no good reason I just want to tell the owner to shut it the fuck off.

dada said...

It every vehicle had its own bubble so they had to breathe their own exhaust, it might still not get them to using alternative fuels, but it would sure as hell eliminate a lot of those damn polluters, wouldn't it? (grin...cough, cough, hack, hack!)