grumble, grumble

sending me
to a half day
class today

well it's
really not a class

more a learning session

them learning
from me
what i do

which we all
won't go

they're compiling
and then
they'll put
it away
and never
look at it
ever again
just to waste time
and spend money

humm, now
that sounds like
our federal gov


and now for something completely different: Henry David Thoreau



niCk (Mem Beth) said...

A wise man - Thoreau. Love his writings about simplicity, walking, and solitude.

Peacechick Mary said...

I wrote a paper in college claiming that Henry David Thoreau, while writing beautiful and healthful words and espousing an ecologically sound philosophy, was really a faker. I do love his writing, tho.

Hill said...

That class sounds like half the workplace environment today.

BBC said...

just call me Henry...

BBC said...

Really, I live it, the rest of you just talk it. If you even do that.