hum-ph day

if you ever
want to learn
what's really
in the world

go to
other country's
news site(s)

i popped
over to
google news australia

and learned a bit
what my
US government
owned media
doesn't want
me to know

take a look!


and now for something completely different : levees tv



Hill said...

I try to read a foreign publication a few times a week. It's good to know what the world is saying.

Peacechick Mary said...

Same here. It's refreshing to read what's really happening. Neat site on the levees. Thanks.

BBC said...

I've been doing that for years. Americans are so narrow minded that they all to often only think American as is they are special when in fact they are crap.

Just saying... :-)

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I get almost all my news from foriegn sites. American media is paid for by the same people who pay and control our politicans, so they say what gets on the mainstream.

The only news that "seems" to be free of this corporate control is the PBS Newshour and NPR which I listen to from time to time.

But it is refreshing to see the foriegn news and what is really going on in the world, and not the corporate/politic spin from the mainstream U.S. media.

Dave B, a transformer in a world of gobots said...

You know, technically, more than one-fifth of our mainstream media is owned by... an Australian! Rupert Murdoch (AKA Satan) is an Australian citizen.

Did ya know THAT?