shh, it's a secret

i watched
'the secret' <-----watch this clip

again last evening
just to see
if there was
anything more
i could glean from it

and what
i kept asking myself
was how come it's still called the secret??

'cuz they sold lots of copies of the DVD
and made lots of money

um, ' it's not longer a secret
now is it????

which i think is a very good thing!!


and now for something completely different : the secret government



niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Actually, I think "The Secret" has been packaged and repackaged many time under different name. I'm not sure, but I think it is all based on the "Law of Attraction"

I came across something similar when I was in the Air Force, where we had to write down our goals, and the daily steps we take everyday, now matter how small, to achieve them. Affirmations.

If this is the same thing I'm thinking about, I might be way off-track,

azgoddess said...

it's the same thing...kind-of

i'm curious what others felt about it -- as it seemed to promote monitary needs and not spiritual ones...

but i think the message is a good one..put in the right context

Peacechick Mary said...

I think the law of attraction is a very old concept and a good and powerful one, but I think they sold it like an infomercial touting that one could become very rich using it. As a marketing ploy, this was a great idea as people will try anything to get rich. The basic concepts are healthy when used in a lifestyle and they do work.

Aaron A. said...

The secret is out.

Also, in regards to the other secret, it sure is good to see moyers on TV again.

BBC said...

You monkeys think too much. :-)