oh ~~ oh ~~ oh ~~ oh

check out
this web site

it is hysterical
iron hymen

it is so
my kind of humor

tee hee

i found it yesterday
while surfing
the net
for some answer
or another

don't you
just love the gems
you find
even looking
for them?

like that twenty
in that coat
you put away
last winter

or the penny
while walking
down the street?

and that brings
up a thought i had

how come people
think pennies
are not worth
up off the ground?

they would pick up
a paper note
like a dollar
or a five

but it seems
these days
that metal money
is not worth
people's bending down and
retrieving time

have they forgotten
how to add??

cuz 100 of them
pennies makes a dollar
and 4 of them quarters
makes a dollar...
and so on
and so forth

wasn't there
a rumor
about the treasury
doing away
with the metal money?

humm, something
else i can
surf the net

have a wondrous day everyone!!



and now for something completely different :: Vladimir Nabokov



Peacechick Mary said...

Ohhhhh, that Iron Hymen thing is very funny! Thanks.

We have a house shaped piggy bank at out our house and all found money goes into it for habitat for humanity. So, stooping to pick up bits of change that seems to float around the universe, goes to a good cause.

dada said...

I think the copper in a penny is worth more than all the ink and paper that make up a dollar. (Other than the "FAITH" we place in that paper and ink....something all of us will learn when we "lose the faith.")

OK, off to view the Hymen thing.

dada said...

Oh geez, az....thanks for the Iron Hymen site. These girls are sooo HOT and I love the way they talk about us guys!

BBC said...

Money, it's all smoke screens these days.

Now get to work so they can get richer off of you with their smoke screens.

They are depending on you. :-)

fjb said...


That site's priceless! I ended up doing 3 hours overtime today at work, and by the time I got home I wasn't in a very good mood. This is exactly what I needed. Thank-you, thank-you.......


Graeme said...


Mitch said...

I wish I knew all that stuff when I was growing up - IronHymen, tee-hee!!!!

I always pick up the pennies, keep it in your shoe all day and you will have luck - or a blister . . .

I put a comment on the Secret Government on my site

Thanks az