i've been
in far too
many places/bizs
these past few weeks

that have
the TV
turned on

and how come
they are
ALL turned
to cnn
or fox?

and all
the sheepeople
are staring at the TV?

it's pretty
scary to watch

can anyone


and now for something completely different : ThinkExist



D.K. Raed said...

Here in St Utah, it's all Fox, all the time. Post Office, Bank, Restaurants, and probably all our sheepo,er,um nice neighbors. You knew that one of Cheney's traveling rules is any hotel he stays at must have the TV pre-set to Fox, so he doesn't turn it on & accidentally see something else? ~~ D.K.

PTCruiser said...

More mind-candy for the masses, AZ. Keeps them all under control.

Peacechick Mary said...

The pope of Fox News died today. They are all in mourning over there.

Mitch said...

TV is the 'opium of the people', it took the place of religion a long time ago. With TV you no longer have to think, a friend described it once as 'chewing gum for the eyes'. It fills an empty space, usually the one between the ears ;-)

I don't look at the TV for weeks and then when I do, I realise that I haven't missed anything!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

But we need TV. How else will we know how to think?

I rarely turn on the Tv, and when I do, I flip channels constantly. There is nothing interesting on.

BBC said...

TV ?


I keep forgetting I have one



The insane christian channel

Ha, ha, ha.

Nadia A. said...

We have a TV but haven't got around to getting channels.

Nothing beats "democracy now."

SheaNC said...

So much for the "liberal media", ay?

By the way, my word verification for this comment is "oooka". I like that! Can I use it every time? 8^)

Professor Zero said...

I notice this in public places and wonder the same thing.