dance dance dance

ok class
is finally


and i'm
to really

so enjoy
my friends!

have a wondrous weekend!!


and now for something completely different: Pew Global Attitudes



BBC said...

Ah, my birthday is tomorrow and they are not having music and dancing at the Eagles this weekend. Oh well, they will have a cake for me at beer church.

Peacechick Mary said...

Ahhhh right! You did it! Well done, AZ. Have tons of fun out there dancing and whooping it up.

enigma4ever said...

Good for you !!! YEAY.....GO dance and be happy....have some have earned it...(((( ))))

Mitch said...

Phew, what a work out!! Better than the gym.

Congrats on finishing the course!!

SheaNC said...

I'm not much of a dancer anymore... so I will wave the remote control about with carefree abandon.

Robert Rouse said...

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Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Yeats talks of dancing with such abandon you cannot tell the dancer from the dance. So be it.

Aaron A. said...

You need to write a pop song,
it should called "Dance."

Hill said...


Dancing is good.

Goddess, how are ya?

PTCruiser said...

Dance, AZ, dance!

Graeme said...

dancing is fun

Robert Rouse said...

Okay, Goddess - I'm starting to worry about you. Are you still okay? Hello? Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Anonymous said...

You are a teacher?

What do you teach?

I'm an ESL teacher.. ;-)