i'm baaaaaack!!!

i'm back
and a lot
more relaxed

i took
an impromptu
last week,
it was
much needed!

thanks for all
the cards and letters
my where abouts!!

and now my thought for today

we need
one of these
in every town!


and now for something completely different: Revolution Health



Anonymous said...


I was able to access your blog through Nick's link. ;-)

I definitely want one of those boards... I'd probably have something to write on it ..hummm almost every day.

Don't be a stranger..

I don't get the speed-eating thing, huh?

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

What's funny about the "Erase Your Fears" board pic; is the "guy" writing on it, the way he is dressed, the hat, the bike.

He has had his fears erased.

Peacechick Mary said...

Glad you got some time off for some R&R. I think I might make one of those boards in my house.