i know
i've said on


people are draining their
watching tv
and it
what i think
the number one
for apathy
in America

here's a solution
blowing up
all those

a bit of history first

at lunch
i sit
by myself
and watch people

and one thing
that zonked me
on the head

lack of touching
of intimacy
between Americans

even people who walked together
were not holding
or even looking at each other

and i got to thinking
our media portrays
all over the place

but nothing about intimacy

we have a generation
or two
of people
growing up
in front
of the boob-tube
know nothing
about intimacy
the coming together
as people
finding of commonality

touching skin to skin
means sex
in this America

~so the solution?~

to touch

to touch everyone
we meet

and say hi
look in their eyes
and touch their arm

make that connection

so people
won' t have a
need to go home
and turn on their

for intimacy

peace people

and now for something completely different: DarwinAwards



Peacechick Mary said...

Many people are suspicious of being touched; it's possibly the old puritan ethic, but intimacy can be achieved in other ways. One way is to find worth in others and tell them about it. I call it verbal massage. I did it today with a lady who stocks the produce department. I stopped and complimented her on the work she was doing. That opened the door for me to give encouragement and on and on. She looked less stooped and a bit taller when I left. I touched her. You are right about TV - it only wants to make people anxious and want something they don't need. Magazines are the same way. I like your observations and would probably truly enjoy lunching with you.

Pam said...

I'm going to try it. But I bet some people will think I am hitting on them ;-).

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Okay. I hope I don't get arrested!


I agree. More touchy-feely, less grouchy-meany. Turn off the distractions and get to know the person sitting next to you, you'll find it much more interesting.

BBC said...

Well, I got the vice president of the local chapter of the Insane Chicks Society to hold my hand during a walk yesterday so that is a start.

I like to hold hands so that is important to me.

TV has ruined more minds than drugs, did you know that? Hugs.

Hill said...

I'll try it, too. You're right though, there is no connection/intimacy between people anymore.
Let's start a movement, girl!

fjb said...

I'm one of those who touches people I know (sometimes even people I've just met for the first time, depending on whether I feel they might hit me if I do) when I'm speaking to them. I'm a "hugger" to. It's strange how many look like they've been hit by lightning when you make physical contact. Very sad.

Lew Scannon said...

People also walk around disconnected to each other, because they're on their cell phones or listening to iPods.

Case Wagenvoord said...

Hell, people can touch with thier eyes if physical contact bothers them.

BBC said...


A lot of people can't even touch with their eyes.

Just saying.

Hill said...

Goddess, are you dancing this weekend?

Nadia A. said...

I agree, and I think people are at a disconnect with intimacy and physical sex. Seeing just physical sex without seeing the real intimacy seems sad and empty.

A little off the topic, but good movie to watch about the media, public opinion, and sex...
"This Movie Is Not Yet Rated"

PTCruiser said...

Sometimes I feel like punching people in the mouth (and not in a sexual way). Does that count?