i just bought one

a DVD that is

War Made Easy

and joined
in a screening

but this whole
DVD thing
got me thinking
about the amount of
money wasted
(my opinion only)
the purchase
of DVD seasons
of TV shows

not only do they have
the American
watching new shows
with new seasons
and new cliff hangers

but people also pay,
hundreds of dollars,
for 'old' TV shows

just to have them
and maybe one
day watch
when they have time
and aren't watching
the new stuff

is this
an Alzheimer's
of people

you mean
can't remember
how that season
(pick a tv show)

and bottom line for

was it really
to give
your hard earned cash
out to some media executive
so they can go to Maui??

geeze, if it were
I'd rather save
all them dollars
and go to Maui myself!!


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niCk (Mem Beth) said...

TV is boring!

My co"workers" complained all day yesterday about the "sopranos" finale. I couldn't care one way of the other.

They'll talk for hours about American Idol.

It's like we aren't at war, and everyday, what's on TV is much more important than the innocent Iraqis dying everyday in Iraq because of the ignorance and arrogance of our misLeaders.

GWB is displaying the all the classic signs of denial of all the failures of his administration. He needs to be committed to a mental institution for observation. And the evil vice-Dictator, also.

Peacechick Mary said...

I am sooo lucky that I don't watch TV except for maybe a weather forcast, The Daily Show and Keith Olberman. Other than that - it is way too boring. I have no idea why people want to buy more of the same boring stuff.

If I want, I can be bored with myself and that's free.

Pam said...

I think it's to get people to watch even MORE tv and keep them from paying attention to the important stuff. Like war, violence against women, darfur, palestine, etc., etc.

It's like a mind-numbing drug.

BBC said...


Oh, that is that thing I watch romantic comedies on. Or other interesting things about nature and science and such that I get from the library.

Don't have cable, or any of that. I don't have time for that bs and don't give a damn about it, it's just a bunch of monkeys screwing around.

Walks together, bike rides, camping, holding hands, things like that is what is important. Oh, and hugs. Hugs

SheaNC said...

TV is my father... but even I have boundaries! You know all this hubbub about the weird Sopranos ending? I'll bet the "missing" ending will be available on the DVD... for a premium 8^)