things are getting better

i wanted
to thank everyone
for their wonderful

hugs and hugs and hugs

and i wanted to say
that i had
i wanted
things to come
back to normal

and when i realize that
was never gonna happen
i got scared
and sad

but now
i understand that
this is
just another
of those lessons
i need to
to be come

i'm a
stronger me

a more
peaceful me

enjoy the people
you love
and let them
single day

for you never
know if
you will
have tomorrow or not!


and now for something completely different: AVAAZ



John Good said...

(thinking happy thoughts for you!) =)

enigma4ever said...

sending you many good thoughts...and also maybe some nice *cool* thoughts as well- too hot out your way....take care...

BBC said...

That's right, you may not be here tomorrow. So why don't women love today?

Robert Rouse said...

If I could be there I would give you a great big hug and tell you we all have you in our thoughts!

andey said...

sorry u kould not make it to the prenaps..

hugs from broken farewah broke soil..

Anonymous said...

Give yourself time to heal.. hugs

fjb said...

You'll have those up and down days I'm afraid, but as you said, these are the lessons we need to learn. As you've said to me (I think on more than one occasion!): everything in perspective.


enigma4ever said...

amny hugs friend...and yes...hmm normalcy is not really out there...only every day you wake up and something seems different and a little takes time...don't be hard on yourself...

Anonymous said...

"First the man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, and then the drink takes the man"

merry sunday morning for u too, however u might be..