good morning monday

you've all heard the
good news by

he's resigned

but i had
a thought
that maybe we should
send him
a much deserved vacation

to here

i'm back!!

hugs and peace everyone!


and now for something completely different : FarmToSchool



dada said...

Welcome back az! Hope you're feeling better after your loss. You were missed and the web was a lot quieter during your absence. (Ah, that's supposed to be a compliment, ok?)

fjb said...

Hi Az, good to see you back. Yes, you're right: everything in perspective. Hugs...

Robert Rouse said...

I had faith you'd return, but bloggers have been dropping like flies. If I ever quit, you'll know it's a government cover-up and I'm being held in a secret prison in Nobodikinfindustan.

Welcome back!

Aaron A. said...

Welcome back,

JitMo would be fitting.

enigma4ever said...

welcome back..and yes let's send him...soon....sooner...

Hill said...

Hello, goddess. I apologize for not coming around lately. The
new place
has consumed my time.

I see you were gone for a while.

Welcome back.

I'm sorry about the death of your best friend.


Anonymous said...

how sensitive