bigger and better

or smaller
and better?

just a thought i had
this past

as i attended
my local
alternative energy

it was heartening
to me that
so many people showed

a constant stream
of interested
and curious people

just made my day!

so here's what i was
thinking about

are getting fatter

and fatter

and cars
are getting smaller
and smaller

wondering minds
want to
american's will
be able to fit
into these
smaller cars?


and now for something completely different: Pet Food


1 comment:

BBC said...

They will build those smaller cars with heaver springs on them? The car may be smaller but the doors will remain large? Based on what I see at my friends upholstery shop, they also need to start building stronger seats.

Boy, people sure don't like it when you bring fat up. But I'm not really into fat people.

The energy expo sounds like something interesting. The few they have had here wasn't that great, just some company's pushing their products.

Mother Earth news isn't even that good anymore.