feeling helpless?

i know
i am

all this talk
of more

more people

and for what?

the rich man's
with more gold?

this has gotten insane
to say the least

it's time
that we did something

i'm at
a loss
as to what that
is right now

anyone got any

peace my friends
tell the
ones you
that you do!


and now for something completely different: SpeedTrap



enigma4ever said...

great post...and yup I think alot people feel this way.. we have to get through this,...

fjb said...

Together, that's how. Enough voices constantly and persistently yelling, and the powers that be will hear, whether they like it or not. Every time a government has had to bend to the will of it's people, it's taken sacrifice and commitment by the people themselves. Remember South Africa, Poland, America in the late 60's, early 70's? It's the only way. Organize and hold your politicians accountable (all of them), and don't get frustrated or bored and give up. That's what they're counting on. It wouldn't hurt to give the press a good kick in the pants, too. And on that note, thanks so much for the link to Michael Yon.


BBC said...

Speed traps are cool, I think that there should be more of them. But then I think that monkeys shouldn't be driving so much.

Our political system can't fix anything, it's gotten too bloated and complex and everyone is just looking out for their own interests.

Like I've said before, it's the Roman Empire reborn here. It seems that the best you can do is to just try to enjoy your own life the best you can.

Drink more, dance more, be thankful that there is not a war on your street. Yet.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

They will never hear us as long as we keep trying to live as if everything is normal.

The only way for them to take notice is to stop buying things. Quit being a consumer, no more Christmas until our troops are back. If they ignore that, then we stop working.

Everybody goes about their business like nothing is wrong, like we haven't murder hundreds thousands or innocents victims. Liberty, Freedom! BULLSHIT! Lies Lies Lies and they get away with more and more everyday. The organized crime committed by our exective leaders needs to stop, and we need to get together and do something.

I will not celebrate any of the winter festivals until the iraq war is over, and I have been doing that since 2003.

enigma4ever said...

I agree...so much we need to do Something...

Case Wagenvoord said...

Ain't nothing going to happen until people realize that we have a one-party system in America. Also, progressives need to add more rudeness to the mix. Rational politeness never won anything.

Robert Rouse said...

We all have to keep demanding the government do what is right. And keep demanding it until they slam us shut for good. Live free or die.

Hill said...

We need to vote out every single incumbent in Congress.

Wipe the slate clean. Start over. I would say hit the streets, but it ain't gonna happen. Too easy to sit at our computers & bitch about it.

I guess it's a good thing the Vietnam War protesters didn't have instant messaging.

Mary said...

I feel like you but look at all the great suggestions above! Plenty to do. I will be marching again this weekend.

BBC said...

I went to the war protest today. The interesting is......

If I had my own bombs I would fix this planet, but not in ways that they are trying to do it now. Many must think that way, isn't that interesting?

enigma4ever said...

you have been on my mind.....hope all is well with you.....namaste...

Professor Zero said...

It is impossible to live normally although I am trying, need to actually for strength, but: I am very worried, can't get over it. What is the right kind of yoga that keeps one balanced in these kinds of situations, but not too blissed out to act???

dada said...

goddess: Where are u? Perhaps you've gone underground? Wherever u r, hope u r well.

Happy October! And now we're into fall. But it feels like we've already fallen. A long time ago.