Happiness New Year!

i know

i've been neglecting my blog
and my blogger friends

but i do have a good excuse

i took off some
time during
this holiday season
to work
on my house

and in the process got
tennis elbow

and i don't play tennis

so it hurts
to type

until i got
this cool
tennis elbow brace

it still hurts
to type
as much as before

so i'mmmmmmmmm

well kind-of

and i've
a link
for you-all


peace peace peace


fjb said...

Hope you had a great holiday, but from the sounds of it you got a little carried away with work!;)

Enigma4ever said...

oh dear....please take care of you and ....hey rest up..no more hard work..nurse 's orders ;-)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

If you don't play tennis, trying to learn from a house isn't a good idea!:)

gwadzilla said...

yesterday I saw for the first time an apartment building has decorated each balcony of the multi story building with a banner

each banner has a word in a different language

the word is peace

I need to get a photo of that

it is very cool
I was wondering how long it had been up
apparently it is just over a month old