just had to say

speaking my mind
and all

that the politicians
whom we
voted for
a few years ago

have not lived up
to their promises

so please
save yourself
some heartbreak

whom ever wins this presidential
will not live up
to their promises either

as their most

are to big biz

so let's start our
own big biz
make gazillions
of dollars

and pay/bribe our
we get big
we can even
have the
US of A
in our
back pocket

'nuff said

But if you want to get rid of annoying people, for real - here's somethings that actually work. Clean out your mailboxes from unwanted paper. Get your name off of those pesky mailing lists. Opt out of those millions of pre-approved credit cards. An Ecological Mail Coalition. And last but never least, five easy steps for stopping junk mail.


CREATE! Make recycled paper at home by cutting junk mail into small shreds, soaking in warm water (one hour, stirring occasionally), and spreading out on a flat, fine-holed, wire-mesh screen. Add flowers, grass, and leaves for fun, color, and texture.

peace peace peace


Lew Scannon said...

This is a good idea; take yourself of big business's radar. They need us more than we need them. Don't vote for their candidates, and compel your friends and neighbors to do the same.

Renegade Eye said...

We need a new party, not tied to corporate interests.

D.K. Raed said...

Your links are cool & much appreciated this week after filling half a wastebasket with daily junk mail & shredding at least 6 pre-approved credit card offers, not to mention the $500 "check" GEICO sent me to "explore my insurance options", and OH YES! I MAY HAVE ALREADY WON A NEW CAR -- jeez, what next, why not promise me a whole new world, it's just as likely I could win that.

BBC said...

that the politicians whom we voted for a few years ago have not lived up
to their promises

You expected them to?

You want to make gazillions of dollars? I don't, I'm just thankful for what I have.

But nothing is going to change, most people are too needy and always want more. I'm betting that even most of your friends do.

fjb said...

As my dear old dad always used to say: "Don't trust any politician, they're all a bunch of crooks and liars, you just need to decide who's the best of a bad bunch. Just remember, if you don't vote, you have no right to bitch."

enigma4ever said...

Great post...and wonderful ideas....I love paper mache anything...I have fixed walls with it, fixed my stairs with it...and tons of art....

I love the links...

About What happens next...
I have hope...
we have to hope for Better...

there are people like you and me trying...
and that is all that matters...

( well, and all the folks here too ;-)


Hill said...

Morning, goddess!