new rules

my favorite part of his
show (Bill Maher)

is the new rules part

so here's one of my own

you are not
allowed to bitch
about the war
unless you have done
everything possible
to reduce your dependency on oil

now i am
the most peace loving person there is

come on folks

i want solutions

not just plain
old complaining

the war sucks
people dying sucks
inflation sucks
our federal gov sucks

lot's of things suck

now let's start thinking along the lines
of how to fix what sucks in our world

me: by the end of the year
i plan on reducing my dependency on plastic

peace my fellow bloggers


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I can bitch then, and I will. I use far less resources and oil then the next person and I will complain about the oil guzzling U.S. masses.

Most plastic comes from oil, also, so it would make sense to start using less plastic, but almost impossible in our plastic society.

The solutions are all around us, but too many like their convenience, so they would rather kill, enslave, and destroy than to put forth a little effort to live in harmony with the earth.

One good solution, start doing much more walking. Good for you, good for the environment. It's ridiculous how much oil we consume to save just a few steps each day.

D.K. Raed said...

(gasp) you mean this war was about oil, and not about freedom?!?

heheheh, you are doing good, AZ! Got me thinking about plastic. The landfills will thank us.

When you feel like taking a break, stop by & see my adolescent kung-fu pix, politic-free!

BBC said...

Isn't Bill Maher great? Glad that you are into him. But !! I wonder how he lives.

I do what I can to reduce my consumption of oil products but I do live in a society that forces me to use it to get around.

I try to keep it to one tank a month though. And walk and bike a lot.

I got my electric bill today. $71.37. Pretty darn hard to get off the grid when I can get heat and lights that cheap.

I can't make heat and lights that cheap in a green way. If I had a small stream on my place I could, but I don't. Sigh.

BBC said...

Hey hon, inflation/recession is nothing. A needed adjustment against greed. A full out depression would even be a good thing if you have a correct grasp of the big picture.

I'm ready for it, I've spent years preparing for it. I'm a country boy, I can be happy being poor, with the right people.

And I'm very able and have a lot of skills and will do just fine. I say bring it on.

Nancy said...

Complaining.. yeah... ;-)

What would you do if you couldn't run, dance, cycle or walk?

Then what?

Food for thought....

Ok..back to my bitchen now!

fjb said...

The 3 "r's" make a huge difference in our house: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Every little bit counts.

SheaNC said...

Hey, AZ Goddess :)

You're right, complaining without alternatives is not as useful as the, er, alternative. I don't have many practical soloutions in mind, but I'm workin' on 'em! In the meantime, I'll keep on recycling. :)

enigma4ever said...

you are so right...but I have no good ideas tonight...too tired..maybe tomorrow..

gwadzilla said...

bill maher is fantastic

recently I have been babbling about the notion of a rally that needs to be hosted

a rally everywhere in the country
and for those that can not attend the rallies
they can step out of their offices or their houses and participate

have this rally where people apologize to the world for things
everyone at the same time just say the words


imagine people all over the United States saying... WE ARE SORRY at the same time

it may not be loud enough for the world to hear
but... maybe some countries would get the message just the same