So many links, not enough blogger space

ok, that's a fib

i get lot's of space on blogger

it's just
i got
so many great links this week

my head is bursting

however, so your heads
don't burst - grin

i humbly suggest
that you
come back and
view the links a few at a time

911 for the earth is a great place environmental resource. The Grist an environmental blog, has information about green-company buyouts. Drill down on this web site to find out more about who owns who in the Organic Industries. The results may surprise you.

We CAN live green - one person at a time, Green Living 101.

Way cool cities being built as we read, with zero carbon and zero waste; Masdar and Shanghai.

And last but not least - some great sites where you-all can check out where the potential candidates get their money from. MAPLight is just - well amazing. Check out the who started it! Click on Opensecrets and drill down through Presidential Funding08 to the MoneyWeb to find out who is financing whom...very interesting.

Got a complaint?

Enjoy and much peace my friends



BBC said...

The Green Living 101 link looks good. I already live pretty green, mostly by consuming as little as possible.

Would like to get rid of my wheels but they are needed here, but I have stretched the last tank of gas to over a month.

I'll look at the other links as I can. Happy paths.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

my head is bursting
Quick!! Lean over this way! I need all the brains I can get, even if second hand.:) Thanks for all the links....I book marked this page.

BBC said...

Shanghai has some tough laws, that is what makes it work. Everyone don't have all the freedoms they might like but humans want freedoms that are not good for them.

Our democracy is what is destroying this country, it's why people can buy big SUV's and such.

Face it, many Americans are needy and greedy and don't care about the future of mankind, only their own lives.

thepoetryman said...

Me likey the Earth911 call...

Hope all is well in az land!

Renegade Eye said...

Interesting link about Shanghai. Imagine being a Chinese capitalist, going through your first capitalist recession. I doubt being Green is on his mind.

BBC said...

Happy Valentines Day.

D.K. Raed said...

Hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's Day, AZ. I have to come back later for the links, esp the presidential funding ones. Busy day here ...

enigma4ever said...

I always love your links...and happy V day to you...sorry I have been out of touch....

enigma4ever said...
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