new look

i got tired of
all the blue

it was starting to make
my eyes go

so we got a new look this week!

now, here's some great links:

the machine gun of capitalism

and a link that maybe just help us through this capitalism - the Democracy School

DGC online magazine - does that make it an e-zine? I found the DGC link on this blog.

GreenPeace Eco city - wow, this is totally amazing stuff! Click on the learn more button at the top and have your sound turned on.

Have a bit of fun today and YELP!

Dilbert on politics! dang, I didn't know this dog had depth - smile.

***peace peace peace


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

The new look is great!

The links are great.


nunya said...

Great links, sweetie :)

D.K. Raed said...

Love your new look & it's easier on my eyes, too! Thanks for the Dilbert link, I had no idea ... his house plan includes a "cat bathroom"!?! I am spending this week touring humongous mansions for our annual home show. Sadly, only a few have incorporated many green principles. So far, I've seen a cat bathroom (perhaps a dilbert design?), an indoor bowling alley/basketball court & multiple home stadium theatre rooms, each more fantastic than the last. The thought of the utility bills is staggering. I honestly think if you have this much money to burn, you should just burn it. The world would be better off, IMO.

enigma4ever said...

it looks lovely...very peaceful...clean and quiet....

SheaNC said...

The color change is nice and hey... LINKAHOLICS UNITE! Yay!

BBC said...

It's a nice clean look hon. I like my blue background, but I like blues in general and wear a lot of blues.

Politics... *rolls eyes* This is such a stupid political system. It won't even matter if you don't vote in the next elections.

But if you are voting non republican please vote anyway.

fjb said...

Hey, I don't check in for a while and look what happens! I thought I'd landed on the wrong page.:-) Looks good, and agreed, much easier on my tired old eyes. Sorry I haven't been around for a while, volunteering on the front line of my "cause" choice takes up most what used to be my time for surfing my favorite people's blogs. Hugs and peace....