howdy folks!

well, it sure had been awhile

and lots has happened
in my world

how about yours?

now on to the good stuff::

Want to go renewable energy but finances holding you back? Well, here's a list, state by state of what's out there and available as far as rebates and incentives: DSIRE.

We can solve the climate crisis. Here's some ideas/solutions on how we-all can do our part. Hey, they say one person at a time and we can get there!!

SO, how many of you are getting a rebate from the Feds? Here's a web site to take a look at regarding how we are going to spend this, cough, big monies from Simple Living Network. Hey, I got an idea: how about we just abolish the income tax system all together? Sounds like a good start to me to bring financial stability back to the little people!!

Well, I've got lots more but don't want to overwhelm you-all. That's why I'm thinking of bloggin just one link a day. What do you-all think about that? Let me know.

*** peace peace peace


John Good said...

Hi, AZ! =) Good to know you're still with is!!

BBC said...

I think this country is screwed.

jscherr said...

Looks like you enjoy sharing links, so here is one you might find interesting. Funnel Ideas -
Its a webiste for you to discuss and post solutions for the world's problems. Yes, I do complain a lot ... but I've been trying to stop complaining and start finding ways to solve things regardless how complex and complicated they are. Some good ideas there. See ya!

fjb said...

Hi Az, lots happening in my world, too. Hope all's well with you.

BBC said...

We can solve the climate crisis.

Only if enough people want to, remember, there are almost 7 billion on this planet and all of them want what we have.

BBC said...

Oh, I wasn't going to do a tax return but they want to give me 300 bucks.

So I'll pay off my new computer with it.

D.K. Raed said...

Hi AZ, yes lots happening, that's for sure. I can't believe we've sold ourselves for a measly $300 or $600 rebate. I wish I could say keep the $600 "stimulus" & give me my country back ... but, I've already spent it! So now, where's my rebate, darnit.

Oh about abolishing income taxes, whenever that comes up, there's always some national sales tax or flat tax rate proposed to take its place. When I do the math, I am better w/income tax. What about recognizing what the REAL cost of living in america is & exempt all income up to that amount? Of course, we'd have to get the govt to recognize what is actually included in cost of living, none of this omission of things like energy and fuel.

You do have a lot of links, but it's your blog, if you feel like linking, LINK! For myself, I know if there are a lot of links & I am pressed for time, I only need to click on the ones that catch my attn. I used my own widdle brain to figure that out!

enigma4ever said...

please read my post about ANonP- needs our support etc...thanks...

enigma4ever said...

( BTW I will be back later tonight to visit you)