"fun friday"

this is something that my grandson had in his first grade class...if he did all of his homework, all week (well, monday thru thursday) and had his mom fill out a sheet verifying what he did (and it was reading books) and it made it into his schoolroom after playing on the playground in the mornings and he managed to hand it to his teacher...


he would get to have fun on fridays...at any of the toy play stations, as long as he wanted...

i neglected to ask him what would happen IF he did not hand in that sheet of homework-all-done paper...i know it happened to him one time and it was so awful he made sure it never happened again


i have decided to implement Fun Friday's in my web site but without sitting in the cornor because you did not bring in your signed homework sheet...(just my guess on what he had to do)

just fun stuff every friday because this world can be so depressing - we need a pick-me-up -- well, at least i do

so here's my fun friday link

these people are changing our world by educating people who create and run corporations

by offering people a Masters of Business Administration in Sustainable Enterprise

and the nice thing is that they are full up this Fall...i can't wait for a few years until we get more and more of these educated people in the biz world...

that world looks real nice to me!

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Andrew said...

My Friday fun today was coming across everyone admitting to their blog addictions over at Pennie's place. At least I'm not the only visitor count watcher! And I think we could all use one fun day a week, too.

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